Monday, July 16, 2012

What? You Thought I Was Done With The Motels / Signs? Capri Village - Lake George NY. Still Dreaming Of Vacation. Status: Great Sign / Great View!


Now don't that just tug at ya? What more could you really want from your vacation digs? It's Right There on that beautiful beautiful lake! We so almost ended up staying here but I'm just so darn cheap.


The place wasn't even expensive!  But I still couldn't pull the trigger.  We did get a room key

and take the full tour though.  Maybe next time.  Lake access is worth a few more bucks a night!

What do you think about that AMAZING sign?!  They are keeping it alive.  It got us to stop!

We've found out on this trip that keeping these neon signs up and running ain't cheap.  I hope it

keeps paying off for them.


This is such a great place with so many types of units. They have a nice array of pricing on the

various sizes too.  I bet this place gets crazy a little later in the season.  The Summer Vacation

tourists were just starting to show up while we were there.  Prices go up during the high season.

It was pretty warm the day we were poking around and a dip in the lake down at the "beach"

would have been great.


But if the lake isn't your speed there is always the pool.  Most of these Motels still have a nice

pool.  These places were probably built during the period of prosperity just after WWII.  I

can't even imagine all the good times that have gone down 'round this pool!  Now let's take

a look inside.


Woah, Solair hoop chairs!  Weird.  They were everywhere else!  I swear.  Still, check

out the vintage wood screen door.  Nice.


Oh my!  Look at that.  More lovely knotty pine paneling!  Sadly, no big screen TV in here though.

You'll be too busy to miss it though.  Unlike us, you probably watch lots of cable at home.  We

actually relish getting to watch some crap cable TV when we are in for the night because we only

have broadcast TV at home (not really true, we just got a WiFi Netflix box for the TV...I've been

watching American Pickers all night!).  Full on kitchen here.  About all we need is that Microwave

and that Fridge!  Eh, you won't care what's in the room cuz you're gonna be beat from being out at

that lake all day!  Ain't that just amazing!?  Get out and enjoy your Summer!


  1. Awesome! What town? So how much was it, why didn't you stay there and where did you stay?? More info, please.

  2. I was curious too! I saw the website on the neon sign....