Saturday, July 7, 2012

Even In The Middle Of Nowhere Mr. Modtomic Can Sniff Out The Bargains! Orange To Yellow Nesting Mix Bowls By Pyrex. Status: Mine All Mine!


One day while we were in Lake George NY it started drizzling on us so we decided to go for a little drive in the country side.  We picked a random side road and drove.  We were kinda looking for a good place to get some local eats but we found a little thrift shop instead and BLAM...score!


OK, full disclosure.  The Girlfriend spotted the the little thrift shop (I was DRIVING...trying to

keep us from a fire-y death), but I spotted the Pyrex mixing bowl set all by my self.  This little

(really little) shop was in a little (really little) place called Lake Luzerne - Hadley.  The two guys

there were super nice too.  We were trying to find a local place that served trout and we got

them all involved, searching the internets for us.  We didn't find the trout but I did get a real

bargain on the Pyrex.  $23!


Now I have a set of Green to Yellow AND a set of Orange to Yellow Pyrex mixing bowls!

Whoa whoa...whoa. I'm not collecting Pyrex. No sir. I Do Not have the space for THAT! That

takes a level of commitment that I am just not prepared to give. I might keep a set of Primary

Color mixing bowls if I find them cheap but that's about it for me.


That being said, there's no way I'm parting with these! I've never even SEEN a set in this color

before! And I've been through lots of antique malls and seen probably 1000s of Pyrex mixing

bowl sets.


  1. Nice buy! If anything says Mid-Century, it's the myriad colors and patterns of Pyrex. If you keep it, use it; don't hide it in storage. I use mine. Just avoid the dishwasher so that you keep the colors from fading.

  2. Keep the thick wall bowls and dump the thin ones.

  3. Wait, didn't you once make fun of me over going crazy for Pyrex? Welcome to the Pyrex club sir, its a slippery slope.