Monday, July 30, 2012

More Changes In Booth 44 At The Green Shag Antique Mall. Out With The Old - In With...Um, More Old. Satus: Things Is Movin'!


I had to drop by the Green Shag Market again today to fill a void in Booth 44 as the Danish Style Leather and Bentwood Rocking Chair has found a new home.  Plus I wanted to post an update on the offerings since the Eames / Herman Miller dining table was made off with this week as well.

I dropped by earlier last week to pull out the oh so controversial Eames Replica chairs since the

Eames Segmented Base Herman Miller table got snatched.  I wanted to drop off the Frem Rojle

Danish dining chairs
because I recieved an e-mail from an out of town buyer who might want to

pay for the set via credit card and have a proxy pick them up. 


So since I had to replace the Eames table, I thought I'd just go ahead and match up this Danish

style (possibly teak?) round table
with the Frem Rojle dining chairs.  They make a great match

and I suspect I'll soon be filling the void that they create when they get snatched up!


Oh yeah, the void created by the sale of the Danish style Bentwood rocker?  Filled with the

Overman Pod - Swivel, Rocking, Locking Recliner with Ottoman!
  I've decided that this one

is the one to go.  It's available for immediate (well, Wednesday morning at 10am...if you can

call that "immediate") pick up. 


Other new items available in Mr. Modtomic's booth 44?  I dropped off the Russel Wright

Interplay Iroquois serving pieces
as well as a pair of nice vintage andirons.  I've got two more

copies of the Better Homes and Gardens Decorator book so letting the third go probably won't

hurt...too much.  That black thing with the light gold handle and lid?  It's an Ice Bucket!  It's in

great shape, too. 


In other Green Shag Market news:  Mom-tomic and Aunt-tomic (Mr. Modtomic's mommy and

aunt) have opened a space as well, booth 54!  Obviously it's not the same sorta stuff that I have

on offer.  This is much more the traditional fare you might expect to find in an antique mall.  The

duo has great taste.  Promise me you'll check it out when you stop by!


And they are smart.  Look, they've been in here less time than I have and they've already got

their booth electrified!  I so need to do this.  Problem is, every time I'm in the Green Shag Market

I'm in a big hurry.  Usually I'm on my way to work.  Yup, real work.  This is still just for fun!

Today I was in a hurry to get some dinner for the Girlfriend.  I never seem to have enough time

to get even half of the stuff done that I'd like!  I do have some interesting ideas on the back

burner though and of course I'll show them off when (if?) I get to them.  I shot a couple of other

booths while I was there and I'll show them off tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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  1. That painting that is green...with ships? I need to know more about it!