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Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Been A Little Lean 'Round These Parts Lately. I Didn't Make It To The Flea The Weekend Before Last And Sunday Was Kind Of A Bust Too. At Least The Trifts Still Deliver. Found This Buffet Server Pot And A Nice Frankoma Teapot Over The Weekend. Status: Collected.


I haven't been scouring the thrifts lately and thus haven't been finding that much by way of goodies.  Even so, I did manage to drag home a nice pair of pots - one "tea" and one "soup".  Both in perfect condition!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sorry I Missed You Folks Yesterday. It Took Me A Little Longer Than I Anticipated To Put Together This Video Blog Post. This Time It's A Danish Lounge Chair That I've Had Sitting In The Garage For A While. Status: Available Soon.


I found a set of cushions at the Goodwill a few days ago and had to pull this Danish Lounge Chair frame out of the garage to see if they'd work.  Verdict?  Mixed results.  Click through to check out a video!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wanna See What $8.50 Got Mr. Modtomic At The Goodwill This Afternoon? No, It Wasn't An Epic Haul But Neither Was It Too Shabby For An Unscheduled Stop. Status: Satisfied.


You KNOW Mr. M cannot resist some silver fade Dorothy Thorpe style bar ware! The funny thing is, they were half the price of the "rocks" glasses I picked up too. Both the cashier and myself could do little more than twist our faces up In bemusement and shrugg.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Some More Random Smalls From Around The Way And Even A Pair Of The Girlfriends Starburst Salt And Pepper Shakers. She Won't Be Giving Up Those Any Time Soon But The Starburst Bud Vase And The Surfer Girl Tiki Mug Will Soon Be Tagged Up For The Booth. Status: Smalls.


The lack of larger items for the time being is perhaps a blessing in disguise.  I really don't have room for anything but the most special finds right now, and my motto of striking while the iron is hot keeps me from passing on a lot of good stuff...so the joint is packed at the moment.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Picked Up Some Seriously Seventies Smalls Over The Weekend: A Misrepresented "Wire Sculpture" And An Awesome Magazine Rack. Alas, That Was About It For The Weekend! Status: Awaiting Further Instructions.


I can't really decide if I want to keep this lot or offer it up in the booth(s).  The "Magazine" rack fits right in with our living room / cocktail area (if we could use it - it's a mess right now) and the Wire Sculpture has me intrigued.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Again, I Lied...Or Was Mistaken (Which Sounds Much Better). I Found Yet Two More Items That I Picked Up On The 127 Corridor World's Longest Yard Sale. Plus Some Other Odds And Ends. Status: Some Available, Some Keepers.


Yet another thrift / flea / yard sale haul.  Some of this is already available, some will be available and some is four us.  It's weird how I keep finding a few more bits and pieces from our 127 Corridor road trip.  It's the road trip that keeps on giving!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rack 'Em Up! We Might Slowly Be Falling Victim To The Digital Age, But I'm Betting That You, Just Like Mr. Modtomic And The Girlfriend, Still Have Lots Of Lovely Magazines Laying 'Round Your Joint. Get Yourself A Vintage Magazine Rack And Display 'Em In Style My Friend! Status: Available.


I didn't realize how many of these vintage modern magazine racks I've managed to procure as of late.  Show here are just three of the maybe 8 or 10 total we have around the house.  Many are actually in use, so it's not that embarrassing.  I think though, it may be time to cull the herd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Getting Back To Small Items Again. This Is A Rather Eclectic Mix And That's Just What You Need In An Otherwise Pretty Focused Antique Mall Booth. Status: Ready For Cleanup.


I picked up each one of these items about a month apart. The bamboo wine rack was the latest find and it came from the Goowill where as the stone bull and the plastic starburst candle holders both were flea finds. Everything but the bull needs to be cleaned a little but they'll all be tagged up soon.

Monday, September 1, 2014

I Don't Know...Is This A Travesty Or Utter Brilliance? Personally, I Love It. I Think This Danish Modern Inlaid Tile Drop Leaf Table Top Looks Fantastic Attached To This Florence Knoll Base...But I Won't Have To Live With It. Status: Hot Or Not?


I picked up the Florence Knoll base with half of a (LARGE) walnut conference table top.  Unfortunately, since it was just half a top, there is a full edge that is unfinished.  That top isn't marked Knoll either, so I don't even know if it was original.  I kicked around the idea of cutting that top down to a desk size but then I found this!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hmmm....I Was Really Hoping That This Was A George Nakashima "Minguren" Coffee Table, But There Are A Few Details That Have Cooled My Jets. Still, Either Way It's A Killer Piece. Status: Unknown.


I saw this table pop up on the Kansas City craigslist a while back and got kinda wound up about it, but it being a three plus hour drive away...that was about it.  A little winding up.  Then it popped up again this morning at just the right time and the die was cast.  I contacted the seller and was on the highway.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Recent Lighting Finds That I've Yet To Tag Up And Deliver To The Booths. Status: Cluttering The Foyer For The Moment.


Again, Mr. M was just plum tuckered out when he got home from work last night (remember, I'm a second shift worker) and just didn't have the wear with all to get a post done. But, since ain't much happ'nin' here at work today I'm taking the opportunity to get it done now! Alas, it's just a couple of lamps that I've picked up recently.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surely You Didn't Think I Was Gonna Feature My Own Space At The Green Shag Market And Ignore My Fellow Vendors! Of Course You Didn't And I Appologize For Calling Your Shirley (Airplane...Please Tell Me You Get It!). Alas, I'm Tuckered So It's Just Photos This Time. Status: Acapela...Or Is It Instrumental?


Much like McDuff here, Mr. M is just beat.  I got a bug of some sort and a hard day's work really took it out of me...so just dropping off some pics of some of what you might find down at The Green Shag Market this week if you happen to stop by.  Enjoy!

Time For Another State Of The Booth (Green Shag Market) Address. It's Been A Little While And Things Are Always Changing...And Not Just In My Booth, But In The Shag Itself! Status: Awaiting Your Visit.


The fine folks down at The Green Shag Market are so amazing.  They take such good care of Mr. Modtomic's booth!  Every time a large item shifts or I ham fistedly shoe horn in another big load someone comes along and magically makes it all look good.  I'm pretty good at making it fit, but they make it presentable.  How lucky am I?!