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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anybody Else Collect Georges Briard Items? This Ambrosia Pattern Cookware Is Pretty Retro Huh! Status: Pans Of The Gods?


I think I may have started collecting this pattern (Ambrosia) of Georges Briard cookware just about the same time as it's designer, Jascha Brojdo who designed under the name "Georges Briard", expired in 2005.  Weird, that.


It all started with this single large(ish) fry pan.  I found it at a Value Village on the south side just 

outside the city limits that has since moved to the Kenrick area off Watson Road.  That is the 

thrift store that REALLY got me started with the vintage, retro and vintage modern collecting.  

I found so many cool things at that particular shop.  I miss it so.


So like of course I'd find a matching small(ish) fry pan.  I don't have any idea where I found the 

rest of these pieces.  Probably at one or more of the local flea markets.  Oooh...that reminds 

me!  It's warm out!  The Flea Markets will be hopping this weekend!  Yeah!  Exclamation point!


I have a hard time saying that I "collect" this stuff.  I don't actively seek it out and if it's not like

just a couple of bucks (see small[ish] fry pan price sticker above) I'll leave its expensive over

priced butt behind.  I love the pattern though.  It's got a little "tiki" thing going on in there with

the pineapple.  The little leaf harkens to the Salem Biscayne pattern of dinnerwear.  And what

the heck is that round thing in the upper right corner, a Compact Disc?


There are tons of other Georges Briard things out there to find as well.  I think I've got a cheese

cutting board around here somewhere and maybe a candy dish as well.  I just spotted a "Name

Your Poison" set of drink glasses on eBay that sold for over $400 and another set with a

matching ice bucket and drink stirrers that sold for $650!  Unfortunately that does not trickle

down so readily to the Ambrosia pattern.  Nope this stuff is still pretty cheap.  Stock up now

before it gets "discovered"!


  1. That's some beautiful stuff! I wonder about the pans though..wouldn't the beautiful design just get burnt off if cooked with? Is it for display only?

    1. Hi Eartha K. I'm not sure, the larger pan has lost most of it's "trim ring" of gold somehow and the bottom is scratched up near the upturn of the sides so it looks like it's been used but there are no burn marks that I can make out. I personally just display the stuff. I got regular pans (Wagnerware Magnalite) for the cookin'!

  2. The Name Your Poison glasses went for $400+? Wow! I saw those when they came up, need to keep an eye out for some to flip!

    1. Hi Pam. Yeah, those glasses seem to be the only Georges Briard stuff that goes for any real money on eBay. When I read "Name Your Poison Glasses" I was figuring that they'd each have a different alcohol or mixed drink on them, no....actual POISONS! Yikes! That is some morbid humor right there!

  3. Holy crum, I love this pattern...the pineapples are ridiculously cute. I've never even seen this stuff before...

    Also -- I wondered the same thing as Eartha....wouldn't the bottom burn? Seems so odd...

    1. Hi Retro R. It's definitely more kitschy retro than midcentury mod. Keep an eye out for it at your thrifts and flea markets. It's sure to pop up now that you're on to it!

  4. I only discovered him when I was researching a cool cigarette box we obtained with his name on it. I just recently listed it.

    1. Hi RC. Mr. Brojdo certainly was prolific. There are tons of things out there much like Fred Press.

  5. We have an ice bucket in the original box...that was bought with Green Stamps. The sticker is still on the box.

    1. Hi Dana. I love finding cool stuff New In the Box but I always end up feeling like such a dork cuz I wanna display the box too! Am I less of a dork if after somebody notices a cool iron, I run and get the box to show them than I would be to just have the box sitting there with the iron? What am I saying...I display irons. Like it gets any dorkier...boxes or no.

  6. thats totally awesome because i have the whole set of the name your poison glasses and had no idea what their worth!!!! i paid $1 for the whole set at a second hand store!

  7. So cool! I enjoyed this bit -- and you have a beautiful collection. ^_^
    I was just looking around good ol'Google because I happen to be listing a Georges Briard Ambrosia [playing card?] box in my Etsy shop right now... teehee! *Mr. Brojdo* sure did design some fab lovelies.

    Blessings to you and your nifty blog...


  8. I have a few of his pieces. Two of my sisters are die hard collectors of his barware. I love, in particular, his fruit graphics.

  9. I am trying to find a Georges Briard Clock that my parents had when I was growing up. It is square and had like a mosaic design. Any idea where I might find one??? Thanks!!

  10. I am trying to find a Georges Briard Clock that my parents had when I was growing up. It is square and had like a mosaic design. Any idea where I might find one??? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Nancy.

      Did it look like this one?

      Etsy and eBay might be the only place you're likely to find one.

    2. Thanks for the response. YES....different colors but the same clock. I keep checking Ebay and Etsy but haven't found one yet! Thanks again. Nancy