Wednesday, March 28, 2012

While Out Estate Sale Scavenging Saturday We Managed To Find A Few Other Treasures At Other Sales Despite Late Arrivals. Status: Lamp Share


After the "big" estate sale that both Nick and I attended, the Girlfriend and I decided to peruse a couple of the other sales in the area that didn't make the "wait in line all morning" cut.

DSCN6522 DSCN6521

This lamp was still available for the taking (buying) even as late as Noon that Saturday!  There

were some great Retro formica covered end tables at the same sale that had unfortunately

already been snatched, but I figured they would be and wasn't particularly disappointed.


I might have left the lamp behind if not for the impeccable condition of the shade as well as the

lamp body.  It's rare to find vintage lamps in this good of shape.  It wasn't the cheapest lamp

I've ever found, but I couldn't resist.  Even if I never flip it and have to keep it, I'll be happy.


Finding a lamp such as this at the thrift store would likely mean buying it either without a shade

or with a dented or crushed shade at best.  I was pretty anxious the whole drive home, hoping

I didn't do anything stupid to bust up that shade!  The base and body are in excellent condition

as well, with absolutely no finish wear to the brass or ceramic.  And check out that reflection! 

Ain't that purdy?


  1. I went to an estate sale on Friday to check out a few things including a cool lamp that I had no need for but figured I would find a place for it somewhere in the house. I got distracted by the jewelry display and the lamp went marching right past me in the arms of another retrophile on her way to checkout. Lesson learned: Don't get distracted by the jewelry!

    1. Hi Racheal. The Girlfriend begs to differ! This is why you have to have a willing teammate.

  2. That is a lovely drip glaze lamp! That genie bottle shape has such great proportions that it tugs at the ol' lamp love strings.

    1. Hi bopfish. It is so hard to resist a pretty lamp. There have been two on local c-list recently that I've been trying real hard to ignore.