Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Kinda Fibbed A Little Yesterday. I DID Buy Some Stuff...Just Not At The Thrift Stores I Shot Pics At! Status: Thrift And Not Buy? Pffff...Whateve'!


After "striking out" at the Value Village and Goodwill yesterday I made a quick pass through Salvation Army and hit pay dirt.  Oh, it's not much but it kept my brain from exploding.  And I got some plans for those framed florals!


But first...check this out! I usually leave the Melmac / Plastic stuff to the little woman but when

I spotted this at the Salvarmy...well, it weren't getting left behind. I'm not sure that it's vintage

and I've never heard of the maker (Kenro, Fredonia Wis.) before now. It's nice and thick and

in perfect condition. Actually, it looks unused!


I'm not 100 percent sure but we both think it's an ice bucket. What do you make of it? It'll be

perfect for barbeques and picnics this summer! Neat huh?


These are gonna be a little project just as soon as we get a nice day with decent temps and less

than gale force winds. My plan is to hit them with some rattle can gloss white, then paint the

florals a bright springtime green. Simple and shiny! Whatcha think about the plan? Any other




  1. It definitely looks like an ice bucket and it is super cool. The spray painting sounds like a good color combo but I personally, wouldn't alter these near perfect beauties. I have a thing about leaving things the way they are, though, unless they are in really bad shape!

    1. Hi HT. I can't figure out what else the bucket might be...maybe a soup server but there's no ladle hole in the lid. I had another similar floral decor art set about a year ago that was black and gold. I had similar plans for it but it was sold before I ever got around to it! Not this time. I wanna do a before and after of it. I think it'll look sharp because of the juxtaposition of the vintage and contemporary.

  2. I too would leave as close to original as possible. Maybe just try and clean the frame area up a bit...and I'd say that is definetely an ice bucket, and a pretty swell one!

    1. Hi A Mod. I gotta mess with these! I wanna start getting into some "value added" vintage stuff, Like This