Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Cool Lighting Piece That I Picked Up Last Weekend. Status: Basement Booty


Since none of us were at the front of the line at that Saturday morning estate sale I figured "shopping" the first floor would prove fruitless and shot straight for the basement. I had the run of the place for a good five minutes and picked up a number of goodies before anyone else even made there way down. This beautiful vintage modern light fixture was one of first items I spotted.


I think that this fixture was original to the house because there was a matching pull down fixture

(not for sale, unfortunately) in the dining area next to the kitchen.  I would have loved to have the

matching set but even if they would have sold it to me I don't think I would have wanted to get

the tools and ladder out the pull it off the ceiling.  Too much trouble for such an early hour!


Check out the real wood veneer.  It's crazy thin but it's SO much more beautiful than vinyl.  I

cleaned it with Murphy Oil Soap and slathered it with Feed-N-Wax.  The veneer looks like new. 

I haven't wired this piece up but I'm sure it'll work.  I really wish I had a good place for it myself,

but there is no way I'm pulling down our original fixtures!


So this will be available soon.  I wish it had a tag or something naming a manufacturer but I

haven't found a label on it.  It doesn't appear to be Lightolier.  I'd love to see how nicely this

lights a space since it appears to push filtered light down through the frosted glass and out

between the top of the "drum" and the ceiling.


There were some other nice fixtures at the sale that also looked original to the house but they

were much more expensive so they got left behind.  But this, I couldn't resist.  It was dusty and

dirty but I could see that otherwise it was in excellent condition.  It just wanted a little love and

attention...and a new adoptive family.  Anybody need a new fixture and want to give this a new




  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dreamer. It is. Well maybe not THE coolest. Did you see Nick's Sputnik chandelier?

  2. Very nice! Basements and garages are my favorite spots to hit at estate sales.

    1. Hi Vintage H. I will always make a quick recon of the main level (unless that's where the item is that I'm after...then that's the target) but try to quickly get to those steps!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi bopfish. StL has the best hoarders! They are so organized and kept things in their original boxes!