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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Picked Up A Coffee Table The Other Day And Scored A Nice Little Bonus Of Three Adorable Barstools! Status: Available Soon (Just Gotta Clean 'Em Up!).


All I showed up for was a simple coffee table (since I get so many e-mails asking for them) but the seller was dragging these out of the basement when I pulled up.  "Whoa whoa whoa!  Whatcha gonna do with those!"
...Sell 'em to me, that's what!  Into the back of Frank they went with the coffee table and off

to work I went.


I got them out of the back of Frank this morning and only had time to clean up one of them a

little.  Above is a sort of a before and after.  They aren't two pictures of the same stool though. 

Just one that hasn't been cleaned and the one I got started on.  I'm not finished though.  They'll

all get a more thorough cleaning this weekend.


Isn't that a great color?!  Is it Coral or Salmon?  It's a little pink and a little orange with some

sparkly flecks thrown in just to make sure you notice them.  The vinyl is in amazingly good

condition considering the wear on the footrest hoop.


The bases need to be cleaned up and repainted. No problem, I'll hit them with a 3M stripper

and a couple coats of satin black and they'll look super.  They're super sturdy and the swivels

are in good shape too!  It's funny how many cool barstools I find, yet I hardly ever see a really

cool looking bar.  We'd love to find a good looking Googie style bar someday.  What we're

using now works fine and looks kinda cool but I'd love to have something with some angles

and maybe asymmetry to it.  I might just end up building one some day.


  1. Cute stools! What does the coffee table look like?

    1. Hi Dana. I more thoroughly cleaned the vinyl today and they look fantastic. It was just too cold out today to clean up the coffee table. I'll try to knock that out tomorrow and shoot some pics of it. It's just a sorta standard long low coffee table.

  2. How wild, I actually have these EXACT same stools in turquoise. Mine still had one label attached, they were made by Dee Manufacturing. Here is a link if you want to see my post on them.


    1. Hi Sara. I looked under one of mine and found the label, they are Dee as well! The vinyl is a little different (yours look like they have more gold flecks, mine have a different texture in the vinyl) but wouldn't they all look great together?

  3. awesome score...loved the legs..so sleek

  4. Love the color! They do look like they're in great shape and I'm a believer in black satin.

    1. Hi A Mod. Satin black is sorta my "go to" color for bases and patio furniture.

  5. Wow, I used to have a pair or trio of stools very much like that back in the early 1990s (alas, lost 'em in the "these are MY things ,those are YOUR things" of a split. Mine had a black and red almost plaid color vinyl and I loved 'em. Good find Mr. Modtomic!

    1. Hi Mod Betty. Awe...no pictures? I'd love to see the plaid vinyl! Sucks about the split-up (of the things anyway...obviously can't comment on...you know....anything else).

  6. What a fantstic trio of Bar stools! Coral & black what great colors.

    1. Hi Mick. Thanks. I was hoping to get the bases repainted over the weekend but just ran out of time. I started working on the dis-assembly of a super long slat bench (that I'll be repainting with the same satin black) instead.

    2. have you ever used one of those slat benches as a coffee table? My firends just moved into a condo and im thinking about giveing them one, maybe with a cut piece of glass on top?

    3. Hi Mick. This one could be used as a coffee table but it's really....really long! I think it's like 8 feet long! You'd have to have a really big living room for that to work. Actually, I'm not sure where I will be able to use it as a bench OR table when it's done because it's so long!