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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Got Out This Afternoon And Did A Little Shoppin' With The Girlfriend...Even Though It IS Cold And I GOT A Cold! Status: Brought Home BOXES Of Stuff!


...Three boxes of stuff to be exact.  Shoes, that is.  Spotted the Vans (I'm a child of the '80s, Vans are the coolest, hands down) and decided to pickup two pair since they were closeouts at $30 each pair.  Needed some cushy, comfy trainers for work since I'm on my feet ALL day, walk to places downtown to get my dinner and never use the elevators.  I hate coming home with achy feet so I splurged on the Adidas (also very cool. See: Run DMC) which were also closeout but still about $15 more than a single pair of the Vans.  "Shoes?", you say. "When did this become a clothing horse blog?!"
Just Kidding!


Here's the REAL thrift booty! But yes, I did in fact go to a shoe store...with the girlfriend...and

buy shoes...and she did not. Weird. The other weird thing? Went to Five thrift stores before

hitting pay dirt this afternoon. I was about to throw in the towel, but I figured that, what are the

odds of finding NOTHING if I just keep going until ALL of the thrift stores are closed for the

evening? My plan finally worked...but I don't recommend it's implementation.


I love this GE electric frying pan so much I bought it twice (I have a duplicate!). But, uh oh...

what's that? I guess I shoulda looked a little closer at the power cord, huh? That ain't gonna

work. At least with that cord it ain't. It's a little hard to tell from these photos but the lid is that

cool pinkish copper color.


Picked up a great little vintage Royal Haeger candy dish. I actually have a couple other pieces

in this finish. I'll have to gather them up and do a posting on those as well. What do you think

that is? A golden artichoke? Hey kids, wanna piece of artichoke candy?


Awe yeah! Now all I need is a velvet painting of a puma or a kung fu guy or something! Nice

right? This doesn't really fit with the danish kitty collection but I just couldn't pass it up.


Another addition to the Tiki mug collection! I actually found this yesterday at the Goodwill. Is

that cheating? The pair of aluminum candle sticks look like Ikea to me, but I won't hold that

against them. I'm sure someone will need them. Check out the little Witco Owl! Also picked

up Friday. I am cheating aren't I? Oh well, at least I remembered to title this posting (unlike

yesterday)! It was the cold and the drugs!


  1. I'm really liking that owl. Almost looks like a tiki (which I also like!)

    1. Hi V. Hunter. I stupidly passed on a trio of the little Witco owls last year at a south county Goodwill before I started collecting the Witco stuff. Nice to finally kinda avenge that little thrift faux pas.

  2. i saw a similar set of candle sticks in our local thrift store...passed it as i dint know much about it...should have picked them up...u make them look cool

    1. Like the little Witco owl trio mentioned above...I have learned my lesson. Thrifting is such a cheap "hobby" that it's OK to maybe buy something that turns out to be nothing sometimes!