Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Estate Sale Scene Showered Mr. Modtomic With An Abundance This Fine Saturday Morning. Case In Point - Another Orange Overman Chair And Ottoman. Status: Available @ The Green Shag Market!


Yup, Mr. Modtomic got lucky at the estate sale circuit this morning.  There weren't a bunch of sales that "mattered" this morning.  I only had two on my agenda.  A third caught my attention on my way home and turned out to have some goodies too!  I pulled off a hat trick today.


I did the "camp out in front of the house at Stupid:30 am until the sale opens" thing this morning to

be sure I had first option at this Overman chair set.  Once again, nobody shows up until 40 minutes

before the sale.  Really?  Nobody else wanted this chair and ottoman?  Really?


Well, my foolish camp out aside, it was a beautiful day this morning.  A nice day to sit in the car

listening to NPR and trolling around various craigslists within the area on the ol' "smart" phone.

Didn't find anything but it helped to pass the time.  The temp didn't climb to the triple digits until

much later so I wasn't sweltering in the car either.


In the pics on line for the sale the chair and ottoman was shown packed away in the basement.

That's were I figured it would still be.  When the gates finally opened I immediately asked where

the steps to the basement were.  The staff said they were just to the left but that there wasn't

anything down there except a pool table.  "Huh?"  So I mentioned the orange chair set that was

in the basement in the photos.  It had been brought up stairs and was in a bedroom.  Good thing

I asked...but really, I don't think anybody else (8 or so people) were at all interested in it.



Oh, did I forget to mention that this Overman swivel chair and ottoman also Rocks, Tilts and

Locks in position?!  Talk about lounge-tastic!  Shahzzsssnnoooz!  I'm having a hard time deciding

which Overman to keep and which to move on to a new owner.  I picked up another similar chair

and ottoman
a short while back and well, even a chair hog like Mr. Modtomic don't need two!

...Or does he, hmmmmm.


Looky!  Tags!  Not from Sweden but the "colonies".  I guess, like the Asian car makers, it was

just cheaper to build it and sell it here than ship it all the way from afar.  Or maybe an American

company bought the name and rights to build Overman products at some point.  I can't find much

info as to why there Overman chairs built in various locations.  There's really not much info out

there at all about Overman.  Meh, who cares - what I DO know is that they are pretty cool!

This particular set is available at the Green Shag Market antique mall near Hampton ave. on

.  Drop by and give it a look!


  1. Very nice find. I should start going to more estate sales and the like more often after seeing what you pick up on a regular basis. My weekends are cherished sleep time so I'll have to program myself to just sacrifice a little!

  2. The Girlfriend says: No, you don't!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mmmmm, that looks so very comfy; I need to find a good comfy chair.

  4. Hi - Trying to get a hold of you to pick up that Broyhill china cabinet. Please check your voicemail - call or text me. Thanks! - Maggie

  5. Wow what a beauty. I would have been all over that. Congrats yet again on a beautiful find!