Monday, July 9, 2012

Doesn't This Dillingham King Size Bedroom Suite Just Scream "Jens Risom"? It's The Simple, Understated And Kinda Sexy Drawer Pulls. Status: Gone.


I spent Sunday in it's entirety perusing, buying, transporting, cleaning up, photographing and storing this rather stunning King Size Dillingham bedroom suite.  It was another seriously hot day here in St. Louis too.  I got done just after dark and looked around to realize, this is all I've done all day!


I picked this up this afternoon with the halfhearted hope that the Girlfriend would be down with

the idea of going with a King Size bed when we replace our sagging mattress next time.  I've

got a thing about having a complete bedroom.  Matching nightstands are a must and often so

hard to come by.  Finding such an amazing set so complete such as this does not happen every

day and the Girlfriend is sorta on board with swapping it into the bedroom.


But since she isn't "ga-ga" over the idea and I'm not married to the idea either...I'm going to make

the set available (both on Craigslist AND through The Green Shag Market so it can be had with

a credit card or check if need be) and let fate decide.  If it finds a new home before we get around

to buying a replacement mattress that will fit...well, it just wasn't meant to be then!  Making a buck

off the set will go a long way toward salving my sadness over having to stick with our current

Broyhill Brasilia Queen Size bedroom suite should it come to that!


The set isn't perfect. It's shows signs of use and a few boo-boos here and there. I failed to get a

picture of it but inside the drawer of one of the nightstands the drawer bottom has been on fire.

Yes, you read right. There is a four inch by four inch burned area INSIDE the drawer on the

bottom. Then there's that Silver Dollar size scorch mark on the top of the chest of drawers. I

suspect that is from a tea light candle left burning to it's bitter end. There are some large rings on

top of the previously mentioned nightstand from I believe was a lamp with a felt bottom. No

big deal. I usually have a lamp, a clock, my phone charging and all kinds of other stuff on my

nightstand anyway - so I doubt that I'll even see the rings! And if I keep the set AND the rings

start to bug me I have a few tricks up my sleeve to try and take care of them. That tea light burn

though...that may be here to stay.


  1. If I could accomodate a king size bed I'd be hard put to sell that set. It's gorgeous! The king ought to help it sell quickly though. You're probably right about that burn on the chest. Shame someone wasn't more careful with such a great set. :(

  2. Very jealous.

    I've been searching for a king size bedroom suite and aside from the burn marks, this would have hit the nail right on the head. It has everything I've been looking for.

    Maybe one of these days I'll be so lucky.

  3. Absolutely amazing set! The wood grain is magnificent!

    The burn is just a beauty mark.

    I think it's a keeper.

  4. Love that headboard. My SIL found a Dillingham set with a king headboard right before they went on vacation, and I think they should keep it for themselves too, but naturally it's at the store. I have a feeling Joe feels the same way about it that you do about yours. If it sells, c'est la vie.

  5. Gorgeous set! That tall chest is a really nice piece.

  6. I had an identical burn on a side table I have, with a little perseverance and some chemical stripper and steel wool it came out or you could sand it. Paint thinner on a rag can open the finish a little and let water marks come out. Lots of simple things you could do to fix up. Very nice set overall, I'm looking for a nice set if only I lived closer.