Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thanks To Mod Betty Over At Retro Roadmap We Were Lucky Enough To Catch A Douple Feature At A Drive In Theater While In NY! Status: Avengers / Brave.


I made sure I took a good look at the Retro Roadmap map page for upstate New York before we made our way to the Adirondacks for our vacation. We didn't see everything on the map but we LOVE Drive In Theaters so of course we checked out the Glen Drive In.  It was even CHEAPER than our own beloved Skyview Drive In...huh!  Who knew?!


I failed miserably to get a photo of actual marquee but then, it's nothing more than an illuminated

sign with interchangeable letters. But who cares so much about that? Drive In Theaters are all

about the experience! This one delivers.


We had a blast here! The weather was nice and the movies were good. Here at the Glen Drive

In they still have the old style window hanger speakers AND they broadcast the sound via FM

radio! You can have your cake and eat it too! We didn't bring any chairs with us so I had to

clean a thousand miles of bugs off the windshield and we sat in the car.


This joint, much like our own Skyview Drive In, is a family place. Look how clean the snack and

refreshment area is! It's beautiful in here.  Yeah, and check out those amazing hairpin leg Skylark

Boomerang Formica tables.  Those are da BOMB!!!  Even the condiment stations are covered

in Skylark Formica.  Nice.


The place is great.  There are two screens front to front.  It's a great layout.  If you wanted to

you could easily switch screens after your first movie...that is, if you brought chairs.  I'm not sure

how easy it would be to move your car.  We do this from time to time if we've already seen the

second movie.  Like local restaurants, hotel / motels, book shops, hardware stores and record

shops...if we don't patronize them they will cease to exist.  And wouldn't that be such a shame?! 

If you can, get out and hit a local diner or something this weekend!

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  1. OH I just love it when Retro Roadmap comes in handy!!! We totally stumbled upon this drive-in when we were up in LG and I don't even remember what cheezy movie we watched - Peter Pan? Buncha guys in costumes and battles and stuff? No matter- we were at the drive in in the summer and it was wonderful.

    Thanks so much for sharing YOUR Lake George finds on your site, I'll be directing Retro Roadmap Readers to your finds, for sure!

    SO glad you had a fun trip!