Sunday, July 15, 2012

On The Road Snatching Smalls Is The Name Of The Game Since Space Is Limited. Status: Survived The Trip Home!


You gotta love finding all pretty little things at your local "traps" but finding them on the road is even more fun.  You get a cool looking item and a memory of where you were and what you were doing that day!  This lot is from all over the North East!


Check out this Franciscan Autumn ashtray!  I have a nice sized collection of Franciscan Autumn

but I didn't even know that this even existed.  I found this in an antique shop / mall in Warrensburg

NY just north of Lake George.  It wasn't a true bargain but I did make it a little easier on my

wallet by combining it with some other stuff.


This little Frankoma bud vase was picked up from a half off booth in Ohio (the wrong turn antique

mall!).  Even if it wasn't Frankoma it would still be a cool looking bud vase.  Throw it on the pile

of Frankoma!  No, not really!  I take good care of my Frankoma!


About our third day in Lake George I found an item on the local craigslist that I had to go get.  On

my way there I spotted a garage sale.  I stopped on my way back and found this purdy little piece

of art glass.  $2?  A bargain at any price!


This nice piece of two color art glass also came from the wrong way antique mall in Ohio and also

from the 50% off booth.  Score.  I like to say that I'm not collecting glass, but.....well, I guess I

kinda am.  It's starting to pile that makes it a collection, right?


McCoy.  From Kmart! What's that price? $1.89?  This was a Salvation Army Thrift find from Glen

Falls.  I actually found an EXACT match to this at another thrift in Ohio but unfortunately it had a

hairline crack and I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.  That would have rocked and been a great

story.  Still, this is an awesome mod McCoy planter.


Not a bad little haul from all 'round the good ol' USA. I do of course need to clean this all up

proper as these are all "farm fresh".  I'll probably have a couple of these pieces available shortly

in my antique mall booth (44!) at the Green Shag Market soon.  Get down there and check out

my booth (44), my moms booth (54) and everybody elses wares.  I was down there Saturday

and there was lots of great stuff.

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