Friday, July 27, 2012

I Picked Up These Eames Shell Armchair Replicas From (Brasilia Obsessed) Dan During The Swank-A-Rama Rocket Century Sale, But I've Never Given You A Proper Introduction. Status: They Say "Hi!".


I've had this set of Eames replica Eiffel base armchairs available at my booth (44) at the Green Shag Market since I picked them up from Dan (the fella with the killer joint full of Broyhill Brasilia) just heading off on our roadtrip vacation.  I just had to pull them out yesterday as I wanted to install the Frem Rojle danish dining chairs into the limited area of my antique mall space.

An out of town buyer has been asking me if they could purchase the set of Frem Rojle teak and

rope dining chairs
via credit card through the Green Shag Market.  I took the set to my booth to

enable their proxy (a relative who will be transporting them to the buyer later) to look them over

before purchase.  It's not a done deal by any means but there has been lots of communication,

and if it all works out this may be another reason to keep a booth space going in the future.


That means that I had to bring these home as there is only so much room in a 6 x 8 booth space.

The good news is that I finally got a chance to shoot them for the blog and craigslist.  I'm happy

to still offer the set through the Green Shag Market since they can accept checks, check cards

and credit cards hassle free...oh, and cash me. 


I gotta drop by Dan's joint again soon since he must have gotten some amazing new chairs to let

these babies go.  They are in great shape for used new chairs.  I knew he was making some

changes around his place but I'd love to see what he's been up to.  I bet you would too!  My tour

of his pad last year
has been one of my most popular blog postings garnering over 1600 page

views alone.



I've always love the shell armchair design and the Eiffel base has always been my favorite, with

the dowel base running a close second.  I wish I could justify keeping the set myself.  I've just

got too much of a good thing.  The best I could hope to use is a pair of them on either side of

our red cracked ice Formica and chrome table that I'm using as a desk.  So I might be amenable

to splitting up the set.  Who knows?



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  2. That home tour was one of my favorites. I'd love to be surrounded by such a collection of Brasilia.

    I almost picked up those shells at the Swank-o-Rama too, but the back of the van was (as always) filled to the brim. Dan a lot of other really great stuff for sale as well.

  3. Replicas= boooo!! Support the real designer and manufacturer!