Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Very First Thing We Found On Our Roadtrip Vacation Was A Pair Of Lamps For Our Buddy Dan. We Just Now Got Them Home! Status: Ready For A New Home.


Matchy matchy match match. Some of us have this thing. We want, Crave, NEED sets! Matched Pairs make us giddy. You might remember Dan's place from a posting I did a while back. He's definitely got it bad with the matched sets thing. He tasked Mr. Modtomic with finding him a matched set of lamps.


A matched pair of Quartite Lamps?  You betchya!  I spotted these and shot a text pic off to Dan

right away.  I figured these might do it for him.  They aren't perfect but they are in really good

shape.  I haven't cleaned them and I probably won't.  I'll let Dan take care of that.  I'm just the

emissary.  A job that wasn't so easy, even if finding the set kinda was!  You see, after we found

them we didn't relish the idea of stuffing them in the back of the car for the drive all the way to

New York and back.  We decided to leave them behind and pick them up on the way back.  It

almost worked out too.  I was driving and at about 15 'til 5 I realized that we weren't going to

make it to the shop on time.  I asked the co-pilot to find the shop on the web using her "smart"

phone.  I couldn't remember the name of the shop or even the name of the town.  All I had was

the memory of a sign near the exit that said "Home of Gretchen Wilson".  The Girlfriend spent 15

minutes trying to find the shop and it's number to no avail.  About 20 minutes later we stopped for

a pit stop and within 2 minutes, using the same information, I had the number...but it was just too



I had hoped to ask if they could hang around another half hour or just set the lamps outside

for us to pick up.  Nope.  We had to drive all the way back out to Pocahontas to pick up these

two lamps.  As an aside, the nice lady running the joint told us that somebody had seen the big

chrome Curtis Jere here on the blog
and stepped up, taking it home (or at least back to their shop)

with them!  They apparently bought a number of other items including a nice pull down saucer light

fixture that I wanted to give a second look at.  Nice to know I can help people find these things and

get these things into happy new homes.


Details details details.  The usual suspects are all there. Nubbies. Check.  Subtle tri-color. Check.

Brass plate base. Check.  Quartite Corp. stamp. Check.  Do all Quartite lamps have these same

details?  I'm pretty sure all of the Quartite lamps I have possess these particular details.


Hmmm...that first shade?  Little too small.  Maybe with a shorter bow.  That second shade?  That's

it.  That's the size and shape!  I hope that the shades Dan has set aside for these babies are the

correct shape and size.  He may be scrambling for a pair of bows to lower those shades.  The bows

on this set are pretty tall.  You've seen his joint.  I'm sure he'll work it out!


  1. Quartite made scads of really nice lamps. I'm pretty sure most that I have had fit the desciption. May have had one with a wood base but all the rest were variations on the same theme...