Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of Course I'm Going To Fill The Car With Roadtrip Pickings When On Vacation! This Year Seemed To Be All About Lamps...Matched Pair Lamps. Status: Bases Need A Little Help.


A client of mine (Ahhhahahaahaaahaa...client, that's so funny!  He's actually a buddy of mine.), ahem...anyway, he was looking for a matched pair of lamps for his pad.  I didn't have any at the time and I haven't really seen many pairs other than more "retro" style, and I know he's not looking for retro.  So I've been keeping an eye out for him.  The Vacation Roadtrip payed off with plenty of pairs, though this is not the pair I found for my "Client".


While this is a very nice matched set of Vintage Modern lamps, it is not the set that I bought for

my buddy.  That is a whole 'nother story.  I found the perfect pair of lamps for him just after we

left town for New York state!  I didn't want to drag them around with us for two weeks having

more and more stuff piled on top of them, so I payed for them and promised the store keep that

I'd be back for them on our return trip.  I still need to go get them.  I'll tell ya the whole story

another time.


The story with this set:  Picked up the pair of bases at a Goodwill near Buffalo NY sans shades.

Having been looking for matched pairs and realizing the difficulty of finding them, I decided that

even thought the bases need some attention it would be silly to pass these up.  The ceramic mid

sections are in excellent condition and sport a classic mid-century shape and color.  The tops I

think are walnut and will benefit from a better cleaning than I've done so far.  When finished,

these matching lamp bases are going to really shine...get it?  Shine!?  'Cus they're lamps!?

HaChaChacha... (jazz hands)  The lack of shades had me worried until we stopped at another

shop somewhere in Ohio where I found a matched pair of shades.  They are less than perfect

but I'm hoping to either part with them as is or maybe Dave over at Dave's Midcentury Stuff or

his Wonderwoman can help me in Re-upholstering (?) them.  I think I read on his blog that she

had done a set like this


So hopefully these won't get buried under all the other projects that have been ignored during our

recent spell of raging heat here in the Mid-West.  I'd love to re-home these quickly.  Surely there

are plenty of folks out there that have been looking for that perfect matched pair of table lamps for

their living room or perhaps, boudoir.  Anybody out there lookin'?


  1. dang, i am actually. wish i was where you are, those are pretty.

  2. That's a nice lookin' lamp, Mr. Mod. I've got the same one but in a white/beige/brown combo.