Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independance Day! Mr. Modtomic Is Ready To blast Off In This Rocket's Red Glare! This Vintage Coin Op / Photo Op Is At Rocket Century. Status: Rocket Century Gots The Goods.


While at Rocket Century's "Swank-A-Rama" parking lot sale Mr. Modtomic took a little stroll through host's indoor sales area. You might remember seeing a few photos of this from their earlier sale here. This time Rocket Century had a little more time to properly stage their selling area and it looked great. They have some really nice stuff available!


This is SO much nicer than it was at the last sale! Last time I here most everything was covered

in sheets of plastic! Now they've got it all out and displayed properly and it's a lot easier to take

decent photographs.  I'd say that it's probably easier to sell this way as well!


Did I tell ya?  They really got the good stuff up in this joint!  How 'bout that Platner chair and

ottoman.  Drool?  Yup.  But they ain't too high falutin to offer up some mid range Broyhill and

Lane pieces.  They's keepin' it real.  You don't gotta break the bank to walk out of here with

a nice peice of furniture.  Gotta say, I don't need no more chairs but I'm pretty smitten with the

black armchair in the lower right photo.


Who don't loves them some Paul McCobb case pieces?  Calvin or Planner...decisions, decisions,

decisions.  You can't tell me you aren't drooling a little over that big bullet planter.  Those suckers

are so hard to find!  Speaking of hard to find, lot's of folks have been asking me if I ever have any

"extra" vintage lamp shades just laying around.  Hear ya go!  Rocket Century is HOARDING them!

And I bet they all are for sale.  Give 'em a holler!


I want it.  It was already sold.  See the note on it?  "Sorry, I'm Sold"  I've already got a more

"triangular" one in the family room
and how cool would it be to have one like this in the living room

/ lounge?  These pop up from time to time on craigslist and at estate sales.  I'll find one.  Just you

wait and see!  In the mean time, take care and have a wonderful / safe 4th of July celebration!


  1. Oh, I see more Broyhill "Emphasis" to add to my bedroom. Next time I pass through St. Louis (I have family in Philly and Atlanta, and drive through at least once a year), I'm renting a Uhaul trailer. ;-)

  2. I have the exact same coffee table. Found it at a yardsale when I was 17 for a whopping 5$ I was so in shock I didn't even haggle with the man! 10 years later, I'm still collecting mid century. But this piece is what got me started!