Thursday, July 19, 2012

Somehow...I Managed To JUST Squeeze The "New" Display Into Booth 44 This Afternoon. AND What's New At The Booth. Status: More Better?


I dropped the new display off today at my booth in the Green Shag Market along with a few new small items. I'm using the word "new" here pretty loosely. It's just "like" new! Don't you just love when you read that in a craigslist ad? Not new...just "like" new.


So I, of course, had to do a little re-arranging to fit the new display shelf into my tiny little booth.

I was originally going to pull the Eames / Herman Miller table but I didn't really have the time.  I

didn't think there would be any way to fit the shelf in otherwise.  But when time is as much an issue

as space, one must get creative.  I'm trying to keep it accessible.  I might be loosing that battle.

But here's a couple of before pictures for comparison.


Nudging the Eames dining table over a bit made just enough room to slide in the shelf. I don't like

having all the chairs trapped behind it like that but a brutha's gotta do what a brutha's gotta do. I

needed to make some floor space so folks could get to the items on the walls and near the back. It's

still more cramped than I would like. I'll be making some more changes soon. I'm pretty sure I'll be

pulling the table and chairs. It's just too much for the space. I'm going to maybe try to present a

lounge area in this limited space. In any event, I gotta make some changes.


I dropped off this basket of dinnerware last week. I got the bright idea that if all the dishes were in a

basket that the buyer could take with them, then it would be just so much more convenient and easy

to buy. The dishes, in case you are wondering, are Metlox Poppytrail California Tempo. These are

good heavy, thick diner type dishes. That basket weighs a ton!  The ship was featured here on the

blog not too long ago
.  An anonymous reader commented that the signed sculpture might be by

artist Mario Jason.  I checked it out and came to the same conclusion.


I also left some casserole dishes behind today.  The ceramic swirly orange unit has a place in

the stand underneath for a candle for warming.  Seeing that there are no scorch marks, I feel

comfortable labeling this as "Like" new!  The other casserole is actually a Pyrex piece with an

aluminum lid and handled carrier in pink.  It too is in excellent shape.


Lastly, I delivered these starburst water glasses and this bright orig. acrylic on canvas painting last

week as well.  The water glasses are a nice little set.  The little cut starbursts are awesome! I found

the painting at a thrift store last Saturday after a fruitless estate sale outing.  It went straight into the

booth, replacing the Asian street scene print.  Gotta keep it fresh, right?


  1. Oooh, I like the water glasses. I found some whisky glasses with a similar starburst cut out pattern on them just this week at the thrift store.

  2. Great use of space. My booth is at least half the size of yours or even less so I have booth envy! And thanks for the mention about the Mario Jason. I have a sailboat, too, and also a metal flower stem with the same signature and could not figure it out. I knew it wasn't C. Jere or DeMott but that was about it! Now, I know the artist's name which is quite helpful.

  3. Do you have high ceilings that you can hang stuff from? I'm fortunate where I am to have 12' ones (not that I feel too fortunate when perched up on the tippy top of a ladder to get to the ceiling!) A majority of the vendors have platforms or other display items hanging from the ceiling to put extra stuff on. I can't say that I sell a ton from up high, but at least it keeps more junk out of my house where it for sure isn't selling! It looks like you could maybe build out a shelf from one side of the top of the wall to the other that you could put some decent size stuff on.

  4. The new arrangement looks soooo much more inviting and even though you hated putting the chairs around the table,I always buy chairs and tables together quicker when I've seen them set up like they would be at home. To be honest,I've probably passed on tons of cool stuff because of my laziness in not wanting to take a chair 4 feet and place it under a table.LOL!
    LOVE the "bright orig. acrylic on canvas painting"! Totally crazy color!!!
    As always,you are here to impress it seems. Keep up the good work!