Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Big Ol' Welded Up Bird In The Hand Beats Two At The Green Shag Market. Status: Available Now!


The "Bird Man" - Carl Perkins (no, not THAT Carl Perkins) not only sells at the Gypsy Caravan (what? You missed him there?  I did too.  I heard he got a lousy spot in the parking garage selling area) he also has a few Birds hanging around at the Green Shag Market.  Now you can drop by and peruse his wares at your convenience...and not under that scorching summer sun!

DSCN0203 Carl Perkins "Birdman"DSCN0206

Some day I'm gonna get me a welder and try this out.  I'd love to weld me up some modern art

for the yard.  Some big stuff.  If your tastes are for more reasonably sized folk art type items then

you should stop by the Green Shag Market and check out the "Bird Man's" birds.  They're so

clever in their use of discarded items that have obviously done their prescribed duty.  A new life

for the old.


Owls, Toucans, Humming Birds...Big Crazy birds on big chrome perches, Mr. Perkins has a keen

eye and sense of humor.  I wish I would have been able to get better photos of these pieces.  They

really need a less cluttered environment to be truly appreciated in photos.  See any that you just

can't live without?



  1. I had planned on taking some welding classes, but several people have said to just go by a welder and you can teach yourself. Don't waste money on classes. Being that they don't exactly give away good quality welders, I need to save my pennies. I've come across so many projects that I would like to work on that I have got to move on this!

  2. Having tried to use several types of welders with an instructor, I am dubious about the idea of teaching yourself. If you are really comfortable with power tools, have a super steady hand, don't mind the risk of burning down your location, and also plan to purchase heavy duty safety gear like an apron and face shield, then you can definitely teach yourself. If any of those things make you uncomfortable, a class or a few lessons might be a good idea. Just my thoughts.