Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is This Not EXACTLY What You Picture In Your Mind When Asked To Envision A Rural Antique Shop? You'll Never Guess What I Found Inside! Status: Seriously Not "Antique"!


I will be the first to admit - I MUCH prefer to dig through an old "iffy" looking joint like this as apposed to a sterile, scrubbed antique mall. There just seems to be so much more opportunity to find something amazing in a joint like this (Village Square Antiques in Pocahontas Il), right? Not really, this is just an antique an antique building! Still, there is something about the hope!

So what was this exciting find out at the crossroads of nothing and nowhere? It so caught me off

guard that I was a little dumbstruck by it! How on earth did it end up Here!?


A large Curtis Jere chrome steel birds sculpture! I've never even seen one of these before.

Pocahontas (where this antique shop is located) is about an hour from downtown StL. There is

no major metropolitan area nearby. It's just so strange to find something so seriously modern in

a rural antiquey environment!


The Girlfriend spotted it first and waited around for me to see it so she could watch my reaction.

She gets a kick out of little things like this. She got her money's worth! My immediate thought /

hope was that since it was way out here in the countryside that it would be underpriced by a seller

who didn't know what it was.


That was not the case. So, no...I wasn't able to bring this beauty home with me. I'd love to display

something this grand in our foyer but I'm not dropping THAT kind of bank on it! I see this particular

sculpture listed on eBay for about that price...more really, but I haven't seen one SOLD for anything

like that. I might shoot the seller an offer when I go back to pick up a pair of lamps that I DID buy

here (and left behind to pick up after we got back from Vacation). We'll see how that pans out.

Wish me luck!



  1. I stopped by here on my way to the airport one time. The Jere sculpture was there at that time too and I've never been back to see if it sold...apparently it didn't. They also had 3 Widdicomb nesting tables that weren't in the best of condition for $2xx.

  2. We have that same Jere piece. Along with some large, dramatic lighting, we have a hefty price on it, because it's valuable to us as decor for the store. If a customer comes along who absolutely has to have it, of course we'll sell it. But actually we're happy using it as a prop in our room settings.

    We used it when we displayed at the Mad Men party at a local hotel recently.

    1. I remember seeing this on your earlier post. Really stunning piece but I too would have to pass at that price. Although a couple of hundred less would make it hard to pass up! ;)

  3. I grew up in Highland/Marine and went to school in Troy, which isn't far from Pocahontas, but I wouldn't consider it rural since it is within an hour of downtown and close to places like Collinsville and Edwardsville. Although I used to think I grew up in a rural area and then moved further north to central IL. And then worked in a school district 45 minutes from where I now live and my concept of rural changed once again. I've now come to this conclusion: it's all relative! Relative to your experiences.

  4. P.S.
    Is this place worth a visit? I think I pass it on 70 when driving to visit family/friends in the "metropolis" of Edwardsville. ;)