Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stopped By A Salvation Army Thrift Store Out In New York. Picked Up A Pair Of McCobb / Jackson China Bowls - Got A Whole Bunch Of Mystery Jackson China For Free! Status: Related?


I grabbed up this pair of Jackson China bowls designed by Paul McCobb at one of the few thrift stores we could find in Glen Falls NY (near where we vacationed in Lake George NY). I initially just grabbed the pair of bowls and was going to GLADLY pay the marked price for them alone. The nice lady at the check out MADE me go back to the dishes with her and suss out the rest of the lot. Thanks Nice Lady!


The plates and saucers were sitting right there.  Right there next to the bowls!  I didn't even notice

them!  I was so ga ga over finding a pair of McCobb / Jackson bowls!  At A Thrift Store! But

really, the only things tying the bowls to the plates is proximity and manufacturer.  What gives?


It's a nice pattern.  Kinda frilly for my taste.  Guess that's why I didn't notice them at the thrift

store.  They have the same "Jackson China" on the back as the Paul McCobb bowls but lack the

signature.  I looked on both and Replacements Ltd. but found nothing.  Anybody got

a name for this pattern?  It's probably headed for the Green Shag Market booth.


These are the keepers.  I recognized these right away.  Score.  The check out lady must have

thought I was a little nuts, bringing up just this pair of bowls...instead of the whole set.  She set

me straight though.  I tried to explain about Paul McCobb and that these were well worth the

couple of bucks I was ready to pay, but she was having none of it!  In the end, I conceded to

packing up the whole set and stuffing it into the back of Frank.  So, anybody looking for some

pretty vintage restaurant quality dinnerware?


  1. Just saw your post three years later. In case you haven't figured it out, I believe the pattern is called
    star flower or starflower.

  2. Just saw your post 3 years later. I believe your pattern is called starflower or star flower.