Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Of The Great Aspects Of The Green Shag Market Is The Myriad Of Styles You'll Find In The Offerings. Retro, Antique, Vintage, Classic Modern, Vintage Contemporary...It's All There. Status: Eclectic!


Mr. Modtomic isn't the only purveyor of delicious vintage modern amazing-ness. Just take a look at booth 28. They opened maybe a couple weeks after me. They keep the booth sparsely availed of items, but they are pretty great items!


The first time I showed this booth it was MUCH less populated.  I understand though, it's hard to get things going when it's not your bread and butter (although I'm just assuming that this isn't their bread and butter).  Then again, maybe the vendor just wants to keep their space less cluttered.  They've had a couple different items in here that are gone now.  The seller has the Paul McCobb small drop leaf extension table and two chairs on the St. Louis craigslist so you can check that out for the price if (like me) you are enamored of such things.


Then there are other vendors that upcycle otherwise ordinary vintage style furniture by giving the pieces a nice face lift and a new lease on life.  I really like the idea of renewing this type of vintage furniture with funky colored paint jobs and graphics.  If you've never checked out Design*Sponge's before and after section you really should spend a little time there.  It's full of great ideas.


I love that there is such a variety of vendors at the Green Shag Market antique mall.  I feel like the cornucopia of interesting and diverse styles attracts more and varied customers.  Even if a potential buyer doensn't buy from me, they will still very likely see my booth and perhaps tell a friend or family member about it.  It's all good!

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