Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh, Now That Is A Classy Looking Vignette! Almost Like A Bottle Of Fine Wine, A Beautiful Goblet And A Fine Painting. Status: Ok, Maybe Not.


Some of this little group was picked up on the road while on vacation but I just picked up the big Garcia print today.  I forgot about the red glass chalice and I need to find a proper shade for the little black and gold lamp.


Well, I do have a shade that works with the little black lamp but it's part of a pair and I don't

want to use it on a single lamp.  It's a nice new shade too that I scored at the goodwill!  And I

got a matching one!


But boy, look how nice that shade goes with the little lamp.  Unfortunately we didn't notice that

the lamp had been repaired when we got it.  It's been broke in two and reglued.  The good

news is that from some angles you can't even tell.


We also picked up this piece of glass art while on vaca.  It was a lucky find in a half off booth at

the wrong turn antique mall.  I'll add it with the other pretty glass.  It's amazing that I was able to

get this home in one piece.  It's just so delicate!


And this was all I found today after picking up Frank from the shop for a weird noise he was

making in the back end.  I had just gotten the rear wheel bearings replaced and it turned out

that one of the new set failed.  Dobb's replaced the offending unit for free and super quick.  I

took Frank in at about 2pm and by 3:30pm they called me to let me know he had made it

through the surgery just fine and was ready to go home.  After picking him up and enjoying how

quiet he was driving again we hit the three close by thrift.  All I found was this big Garcia print.

Funny thing is, I've already got TWO of this print...but in a smaller size! 

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  1. Hey Mr. Mod,
    I have that same lamp! Mine has a two-tiered whip-stitch...kind of space needle look... I like this one a lot. Also, I don't think I've ever said how much I like your wall paper in your photo mod...8-)