Monday, July 2, 2012

The Girlfriend Had A Great Idea: Guess What This Room Cost Us Saturday Night! Status: Late Night Find.


We were on our way home Saturday night, looking for a place to crash for the night at about 11pm when the Girlfriend spotted this joint.  Even though we've spend most of our Vacation in independent motels I was still dubious.  We asked to see a room and...Oh...Em...Gee.  Es...Oh...El...Dee.  Take a peek inside to...well, see inside!


Look at all that glorious Knotty Pine!  Beautiful, Glorious, Golden Knotty Pine!  How many

roadside motels are you gonna find that still have knotty pine paneling AND aren't kinda seedy?!

We totally lucked into this room too because the owners have renovated the rooms, removing

the pine paneling in half of them.  And the paneling that remains is in such great shape.  Oh, and

that is a King size platform bed too (no box springs - no sag).  Plenty of room to spread out.


Just like the sign says: 54 gigantic inches of plasma TV cable pleasure.  D*mn, we are only

sporting 42" here at the Modtomic pad and just a lil' old 20" in the bedroom!  This was truly a

joy after leaving behind the HiDef at home and only having "vintage" fat-back standard def. TVs

everywhere we stayed.  When we read the sign we thought sure, there might be a room or two

with a big flat TV in it but that would be the most expensive room.  Nope!  I can't say that

EVERY room has one of these but happily ours did!


Nothing real special about the furnishings.  It was nice having a desk to compose my posting for

Sunday.  We didn't need them but having a microwave, a refrigerator (with a freezer!) and a nice

size closet was nice.  The room was huge too.  Like I said above, it had a King size bed and it

still felt very roomy!  Also of note:  Nice compact CD stereo and a DVD player!  Uhm...Wow!

Are you adding this all up in your head?


I Know!  This is a really nice room!  And this is the room we stayed in, room 112 - in case you

ever drop by.  We just cleaned up and kinda made the bed real quick before leaving so I could

shoot the room in day light. Nice set of club chairs there.  Look how much room there is between

the King size bed and those club chairs.  Big comfortable room.


Even the ceiling was nice!  I have to qualify this by saying I have no problem with "popcorn"

ceilings, but I think this ceiling treatment is amazing!  I'm thinking that one day we might have

this done to the Modtomic ranch's ceiling.  We got some cracks that will need to be dealt with

some day.


It's so hard to get good shots of bathrooms.  No great original pink or blue tile work but the joint

was clean as a whistle and recently renovated.  Everything worked as it should.  This is as nice as

just about any reasonably priced motel you're likely to find.  It's not a spa but it sure did make me

comfortable when we got a key to check out a room before committing to staying for a night.

Kinda wish we needed to stay two or three nights!


It's nothing to write home (or in our case - blog) about from the outside. It's got a decent sign but

it's no grand neon sign. It was, indeed, enough to pull us off the long lonely road for the night

though. The parking lot could use a new layer of asphalt, that also made me a little uneasy - until

I saw the room. All in all, this place was an amazing surprise! We loved it! So what do you think

we had to fork over for our weekend night's stay in this Knotty Pine nook? No cheating! I'll post

the answer after a few guesses or in a couple days...which ever comes first.

Not a lot of guesses...hmph.  Anyway, the Historic Motel 6t7 is located just east of Indianapolis

IN and a mere 20 miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on highway 67 / Pendleton Pike

Our room was a only $50 a night!  Fifty Bucks!  I kinda doubt that the same rate would apply

during an event like the Indy 500 but I'd still give them a ring to make a reservation.  


  1. What a cute room!! Glad it was so comfy for the two of you. Ummmm, maybe $79.00 a night????? Maybe I'm too low....Isn't it delightful to find such a cool treasure to stay in????? :)

  2. Hum, lemme see...looks to be off the main drag... I'll guess $59.00. What town was it in???
    Thanks for sharing!!