Saturday, July 28, 2012

Enough Wheelin' And Dealin'. Let's Check Out Some Vintage Vacation Entertainment At Lake George, NY. Status: The Simple Pleasures!


When we roadtrip we like to keep it cheap.  Mostly.  You gotta hold something back for the big things like Para-sailing and Whitewater Rafting.  And if you got a handful of quarters you'll have just as much fun as those...and in the airconditioning too!


Here's a little somethin' ya gotta understand about Mr. Modtomic.  I LOVE ski-ball.  LOVE - IT! 

Not that I'm very good at it.  The Girlfriend, often as not, whips me silly.  That's a very big part of

the fun.  She get's to just rub it in and make so much fun of me when she walks away with a big

handful of those tickets these machines spit out and I got like...5.  I wish I had room for one of

these in the pad.


It's so great that this arcade is well stocked with classic vintage pieces like this"Relaxalator"

case you've been on your feet playing the ski-ball too long...and a Coney Island style Fortune get those all important New York Lottery numbers!  That poor fortune teller...shut up

in the glass box all day.  I bet she lies sometimes...just for a giggle.


I'll admit it...I'm a great big old sucker for the flashing lights and dingy ding dings of the vintage

stuff! Oh sure, I'll drop a couple of bucks into a driving simulator if they've got a good one. I'm

not much of a first person shooter fan. I can get into some of the '80s games like...Asteroids

and Karate Champ, but there's just something great about a game that hooks a playa' up with

9 hard heavy projectiles! And Pound-A-Hound? Get out a here. It's basically a Whack-A-Mole.

How do you get good at Whack-A-Mole? By whacking moles, of course!


This was the gem of the Playland Arcade - Lake George NY. Well, at least as far as I'm

concerned. Although I do yearn for the days of yore when a shooting gallery had real BB-Guns!

This one was equipped with nice safe light guns. How the heck you gonna put your eye out with

that? Still, it's good silly fun to shoot the piano player and watch him bang out a tune!



  1. I love Ski Ball, too! There was a little arcade where we used to go to the beach when I was quite young, and good 'ol Ski Ball was right where you'd find me! LOL I still love to play it when I see it! I also love Whack-A-Mole! You get into a rhythm and can easily whack them all silly!!! Yup-those are my speed!!!

  2. I too love skee-ball! How is it that this place was empty when you were there? Seriously, I would spend all summer there if I was a kid!