Friday, July 13, 2012

Great Name For A Cool Shop? Funky + Functional. It Certainly Is. Both! Status: Another Ohio Gem!


We had just enough time in Columbus OH to take a peek inside this great little antique mall type shop.  Believe me, I would have dragged the Girlfriend all through that town and it woulda gotten dark before we made tracks toward Lake George.  Next time.  Until then, won't you join me in a lil' tour of Funky + Functional?


Funky + Functional  wasn't (isn't actually) a BIG place but we still ended up in there for a good

amount of time.  That's cuz the Girlfriend spent a ton of time and a ton of dough on costume

jewelry!  She scored big.  There was lots of cool stuff that I would have loved to take home too

but it was mostly Big stuff and I really didn't relish the idea of strapping anything to the top of

Frank on the second day of our two week road trip!


Those of you lucky enough to reside in or near Columbus OH won't have to keep a killer desk

with a fabulous Burke chair strapped to the top of your wagon for 10 days should the set tickle

your fancy the way it did mine.  There were lot's of great looking Danish style case goods to be

had and that green plastic and wood room divider was pretty cool too.


Sold?!  Get it off the wall!  Stop teasing!  I have two kinda like that mirror shadow box.  They're

great for displaying part of the Girlfriends salt and pepper shakers.    Those club chairs were

pretty cool but they weren't fabric.  They were more of a thick synthetic or vinyl of some sort.

They look like perfect candidates for reupholstering.  Then again, if you love Mid Century

Contemporary AND you got kids...!


Love the lamps. Little did I know how many lamps I'd be bringing home on this trip! I hated to

leave these all behind but I more than made up for it in thrift lamp scores! None quite as colorful

as these though.  I almost popped on the Witco style African mask art, but you can't

bring it all home!

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  1. When Ford closed down here in Hazelwood our family was relocated to Columbus, OH for a couple of years and holy wow the thrifts there... They were amazing and cheap. Columbus is an amazing town to live in!!

    Now we are back in the STL and the thrift stores are soooo busy and soooo much more expensive... Oh well, I guess you take what you can get!! Love reading about your travels!!