Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Vacation Retro Road Scores. Pickings From Far And Wide. Russel Wright, Ben Seibel, And Mr. Bill Curry. Status: Sausage Party.


A missed turn on a two lane blacktop while coming home found us passing by an out of the way antique mall. Of course we had to stab the brakes, turn around and check the place out! This is how we find a lot of the cool joints we patronize...luck or accident. Depends on your point of view I guess!


Ok these are probably not real Bill Curry "Jax" but they are "Jax", right? That's Four

I've got now.  Cla-Pow!  Collection status reached.  Got these particular bits from an antique

mall just south of Indianapolis.  They're sorta smallish, roughly half the size of my larges Jax.  I

guess these would be useful as paperweights given that their size and weight.  The coloration

sure is interesting.


I picked up these Ben Seibel Harvest Time coupe bowls at the same antique mall in Indy.  It was

a big place.  Found it via one of it's vendors who put a few ads on craigslist.  Smart vendor.  I'll

be doing a full on tour of that particular antique mall soon, promise.  I took tons of pics.  These

smalls are but a taste of the good stuff.


This little vignette comes courtesy of the wrong turn antique mall.  Yeah, it's just a  platter and a

couple of bowls, right?  Wait...look close.  The platter is in the Chartreuse...and isn't all crackled!

If you collect Russel Wright Stubenville you know that the Chartreuse finish always seems to be

crazed.  There were two of these available from the vendor and the other (same price) WAS all

crazed.  No sale.  Thanks anyway.  Then there were the bowls.  It's hard to see here but these

are smaller than the lugged coupe bowls I already have a ton of.  Berry bowls maybe?  There

were Four available but one was badly crazed and the other had a hairline crack.  Darnit.  I've

got to be satisfied with just the pair.  For now.  This is why I like roadtrip vacations!

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  1. Cool finds!! I assume you're talking about the fallout shelter guy at the shadeland antique mall in Indy. I remember him posting about the Seibel dishware. He has some nice stuff!