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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The First Estate Sale Saturday Also Afforded Mr. Modtomic The Opportunity To Pick Up This Unusual Hairpin Stacking Display. Status: Uh, What Is It?


This unusual stacking display was also shown in the photos of the same estate sale where I picked up the Orange Overman swivel recliner I went on and on about a few days ago. I was also given pause by the price initially but when I figured this was really 4 pieces, well...


Well, yeah...sold. I'm kinda needing some more shelving for the antique mall space.  But I'm

curious as to what these hairpin leg wire stacking tables might actually be.  What was the intended

purpose?  Maybe a retail bread display?  The "feet" on the top three interlock with the "rail"

surrounding the tops.  The bottom table has a bit of extra bracing to handle the extra weight of

the three laden tables above it.


Once all put together it's quite stable and surprisingly difficult to get back apart!  It takes a little

muscle...and the use of the ol' hat rack.  I'll be dropping this off at the Green Shag Market -

Booth 44 to make for a little more vertical display area but I'll also be pricing it for sale.  If it

looks like something you might like or need, drop by and give it a once over.  The Green Shag

Market antique mall is open 10am - 5pm Wednesday  through Sunday.


  1. Great wire racks! Its fun to imagine what these were used for. It definitely has peeked my curiosity.

  2. I've got one of those. I picked mine up super cheap at a sale but for some reason only bought one even though they had a whole bunch of them. They had used them for closet storage and I think that is likely what they were intended for.