Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Summer Time. Let's Go To The Movies! The Drive In Movies! Status: Join Me?


Summer time is so the fun time.  The drive in opens in April and closes sometime in October I think.  We try to go as often as possible and luckily they get some pretty good movies!  We've seen Cars, Ratatouille, both Trasnformer movies, all the big summer blockbusters and lots of really bad movies there.  At $10 for two movies...well it just makes good economic sense...yeah, that and it's just so Retro!

The Skyview Drive in does a pretty good business. On some weekends we've even been

turned away because we didn't get there early enough and BOTH screens were sold out. This

is Not a small place either. And it's not just open on the weekends either. We went last Monday

evening and while it was far from sold out, there were still plenty of takers.


The place has been torn up by inclimate weather in the past but the gorgeous signage has

been spared. Looks like they repainted the backs of the screens this year. We've noticed that

they are starting to put more commercials between and before the movies. Fine by me. As long

as it keeps this treasure around.


See, they don't mind you bringing your own food and drink in with you. You can even park your

car and walk out the gate, across a parking lot to a supermarket and buy all your snacks to

bring back in. We always seem to buy some fries or a pizza or burgers or Something though...

'cuz the food you bring just ain't the same!


The place is just so ridiculously old school! Seems like even most of the cafeteria style

concession stand is still original. Back a few years ago I was even lucky enough to be one of

the last customers to be able to buy a pair of the original speakers that they no longer use. I'm

thinking about loading them up with nice new drivers and wiring them up to the car so we can

use them AT the Drive In. How COOL would I be?!?! Hanging off the arms of our folding chairs.

Oh, the envy of all the other Drive In customers! Envy...right. That'll be the look on their face.


Looky! Frank Jr.'s first drive in movie! And guess what...ANOTHER Frank parked next to us! A

cute red one. I think Frank Jr. made a friend. The owner didn't even look at us funny as we

gushed on and on about the Focus Wagon. Maybe he gets this all the time from other Frank

owners...maybe he's just got a good poker face.



Oh, two great things about getting there early! One...getting a good spot. Very important.

Two...watching the Sunset before the movie! Also...Very important! Then...It's Movie Time!



Between movies Skyview Drive In shows an old school intermission reel! It's so retro and

kitschy. I just had to shoot some of it and share it with ya!



  1. My favorite memory of the drive-in are the retro commercials between movies! That and piling 3 people into the trunk in order to get the "non-family" rate! Unfortunatley, there aren't any drive-ins in the Chicago area anymore (well, not close to me anyway). Thanks for this post!

  2. I love the sign! I LOVE THE SIGN. What a jewel of a place. We have a drive-in about an hour outside of Nashville I like to go to... there's something about being able to talk through the entire movie, watching it on a full-size big screen, and not bother anyone, that is just so great. Plus the concessions are always way cheaper and way better out there. Nice score on one of the last speakers! Thanks for sharing... you've inspired me to make a point of getting to the drive-in again soon!

  3. Ah, brings back memories as a kid when my parents would pile all 4 of us kids in the station wagon and head to the drive in.

  4. Love that you went to the Drive In - such a summer treat! Will be sharing your post with Retro Roadmap Readers- where is this Drive In located? Such fun!

  5. Mod Betty - The Skyview Drive In is located @ 5700 N Belt West
    Belleville, IL 62226-4616

  6. Another cool drive-in in Litchfield, IL...a much longer hike from STL (55ish miles, depending on which side of STL)and it's only open on the weekends. $3/person and has been in continuous operation since opening in 1950.