Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Of The Junk-tique Dealers @ Frisom. Status: Not For The Faint Of Heart...Or Germaphobes.


Yikes. This place is for the Hard Core hunter gatherer. There are some good things in there buuuuutttt....this is what many might call "farm fresh". Ain't none of it been cleaned up. You pays your money and you takes your chances.


Exhibit One: Metlox Aztec sugar bowl. Yeeeeuuuck. But still if it hadn't been cracked, I'd have

probably brought it home. You'd be surprised what GoofOff will clean.


Exhibit Two: Salem Biscayne gravy pitcher. What is in the bottom of that? Ick. If I didn't already

have a bunch of this pattern I might have bought it. Probably not really, the seller was pretty

proud of all these items and I didn't even ask about prices but I did hear him refuse to haggle

even a few bucks off a $100 item with another customer.


Exhibit Three: Matching pair of retro lamps. Ok, these weren't dirty or really overpriced. $45 for

the pair seems fair but finding a set of matching shades is nearly impossible unless you buy



Exhibit Four: Russel Wright pieces. Nice! But I didn't care for the color and didn't want to ask

what the proprietor wanted for these. I'm pretty sure I'd have just had to put them back. Did I

mention I didn't care for the color?

There were all sorts of single pieces of dishware as well as partial sets. Many were pretty cool

looking though I had no idea of the patterns or makers. I'm sure there were lots more treasures

to be had but I didn't have a lot of time to dig through everything. Or a pair of rubber gloves



  1. Jeeeeeze, that's some dirty stuff. I don't think I'd have the heart to put high prices on it unless I was willing to hit it with at least a shot of Windex. I just can't figure some sellers out.

  2. the seller must be very busy, else i never thgt someone would have their wares out on shelves in this state!!..cool stuff if we look past the dirt