Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looks Like I'm Taking A Page Out Of Bopfish's Play Book And Dishin' Up Some Dishware! Status: Great Big Ol' Copycat, I Guess.


The Girlfriend likes the rustic hand made looking pottery and whatnot so it's natural that she'd love this Marcrest (Monmouth? Mohave?) dinnerware. We picked up this set that I would call a hot cocoa set a while back at a local thrift store and it's been in the Brasilia Buffet ever since we found that. The weird thing is...I remember having more cup saucers. Huh...

"Oh well...whatever" I thought and went about taking a few shots of the set this morning before



Yeah, she likes the hand made quality of the set but can you guess what draws me to it? Yup,

the finish qualifies and the genie bottle shape of that carafe doesn't do the set no harm either.

This stuff seems tough as nails too. It's so dense. The set weighs a ton.


This Maple leaf is the only marking on this cup, saucer and carafe set. I remembered after

leaving for work having taken a picture of a set at the largest, most HUGE antique mall ever in

the middle of nowhere: St. Marys Missouri. I took a picture of the tag so I would have a record

of the name of the set. Then when I got to work I looked at the pic of that tag. It's hilarious how

bad and nearly illegible the pic is.


Luckily the pic was a little easier to interpret in the larger format after I uploaded it to the PC. It

was just legible enough to jog my memory. Check out the little handled bowls. I'd love to have a

set of those. They'd be great for chili or onion soup, right?


Check these pics out. The two pics are taken looking west down one aisle then tuning east and

shooting down the same aisle from near the middle of the aisle. This place used to be a

manufacturing plant of I think electric motors or something. It...Is...Huge. It takes hours to

properly go through it. Good thing, cuz it's like 90 miles away from me. We don't get down there

much, as you might have guessed.


So anyway, back to the dishes and stuff. As I was uploading the pics I started thinking again

about how I was sure I had more saucers. That turned into recalling a large covered bowl and a

set of plates. "Hmmmm, I bet there's a box out in the garage". Yup. Found it. Pulled it out and

shot a quick pic of the rest of the set (bought at a totally different time and probably another

thrift store altogether!).


  1. How on earth does your garage hold everything? I'd love to have about a week to rummage through all of it...LOL

  2. This is such a pretty set! It looks almost like stoneware. I bet it would last forever...