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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Love Love These Brutalist / Cubist City Scape Prints. Straight Outa The Sixties Baby! Status: It Was Lopsided, Had To Fix It.


These aren't always so bright and cheerful, as a matter of fact...they're usually a little depressing. I guess that was kinda the point. I mean, cities from afar are easily romanticized but get in close and, well...not always so pretty. But my lil' print here IS pretty! So I guess the artist didn't get the memo.


I got the print at the Goodwill but it had been framed off kilter. Just a little bit, but there was no

way I could have lived with it. I could have just re-fit it to the cheap ugly inappropriate ugly

cheap plastic frame...but it was ugly...and cheap. Plus I have a bunch of frames out in the

garage that I bought in case I found some paint by number paintings needing to be framed.


Four bucks for the print and a even buck for the frame! I guess it's hard to complain about a

cheap (and ugly) frame when I myself am indeed cheap (ugly is in the eye of the beerholder).

Good news is that it being so cheap, I had absolutely no problem "editing" the print to fit a

smaller frame. I only lost about an inch or so top to bottom and side to side. Plus, now the

subject matter is more square with the frame. I think I'll now be able to look at it daily without my

brain exploding.






  1. I love these impressionistic, abstract cityscapes! Looks like a Carlo of Hollywood.

  2. Oh my gosh, gorgeous! I love that so much!

  3. Love the colors in this abstract print! Makes me happy & I need it!