Sunday, June 5, 2011

Witco Thrift Score! Amazing Witco Tiki Art Snatched Up From The Thrift Store This Afternoon. Status: Uhm...Wow?!


Had to work today so I didn't feel much like getting up early for the estate sales. Might have missed out as a local reader shot me an email with her awesome scores. Maybe she'll let me show them off here later next week. Anyway, I took my chances at a couple thrift stores and the Frisom Flea Market.

Yeah, working on the weekend sucks. Then again...I'd just have been doing some other kind of

work at home probably. Last weekend I spent 9 hours up in the attic sealing up the duct work. It

was brutal but necessary. Last year we couldn't seem to cool the house below 80 on days

above 90. It was a mess, but it's all better now and worth all the sweat and tears. least we played all day Sunday. First the Flea Market then the Drive In (Kung

Fu Panda 2 and Thor!). So even though I had to work work today, I still had to get out and hit

some shops!


This was at a little thrift store across the street from Unique Thrift. It wasn't priced yet and I was

lucky to even had spotted it as it shouldn't have been on the floor while I was there. I asked the

clerk about it and he said that the "pricer" wouldn't be in the shop for about another half hour.

Dag. I took the opportunity to hit the Frisom Flea Market down the road a bit. It's not much of a

flea market as much as a place to pick up knock off purses and burned DVDs. There are still a

few "junk" venders there though. So after poking around in there for a while I drove back to the

shop with the Witco and picked it up. It wasn't super cheap but I really wanted it.


Just look at all that color and texture! This is an amazing piece. And it's TIKI!!! I'm going to

have to clean it up a little and completely replace the backing. The backing is just a wood

frame with fabric stretched across it and a cardboard backing. I might just trash the whole

backing and hang the subject by itself. I'm thinking above the fireplace. We could use a pop of

color there!



  1. Did you see the 75" Trader Vic's piece that MoModerne has listed on eBay? I think your piece would look great on the wall without the backing.

  2. Dana - I know! They apparently scored a number of pieces from a collector.

    MoonD - Ditto!

  3. Very nice! I hit up both of those thrift stores on the Rock Road on the regular but rarely find anything.

  4. love the vibrance..will look lovely on a wall..if it can be hung alone, then all the better i guess

  5. I vote for no backing, too. The texture is really just amazing...