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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lord I Wish I Could Bake...I Mean, More Than A Potato. Cake Would Be Great Right About Now! Status: This Pair Needs A Spare


Trying to find these without dented lids is pretty tough. I've found a few others but none that have tickled my fancy the way these two have. I guess these were used pretty regularly by those who purchased them. Probably used to take cakes to church and whatnot.

My idea of cooking is grilling out or boiling some eggs for the Girlfriend. Maybe I'll try my hand

a baking a cake for one of our parties and get some use out of one of these beauties. Many of

the vintage items I collect only get used in my vivid imagination of what I might someday use

them for!


Mmmmm, Cake. What kind are you imagining inside one of these? I'm thinking yellow cake with

chocolate fudge icing. Maybe a German Chocolate cake. So many options. Good thing I've got

two. I could even see a stack of brownies under one of those lids! Heck, even a plate of

cookies would be better than nothin'.


Estate sales are about the best place to find these at a reasonable price. You gotta look for

them though. They are usually in the basement on a shelf or in a box. I'm pretty sure I found

both of these at estate sales. If you find one at a thrift store it's usually dented up. They have

to go through the whole donation process and usually don't make it unscathed. I'm often

surprised at what Does make it to the shelves without damage though.

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  1. The square one is fantastic! I've never seen one like it. And, yes, my page views have been crazy the last week. I don't know what's going on. My Facebook and Twitter stats are way up too.