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Monday, June 27, 2011

Some More Booty From The Early Morning Saturday Estate Sale. Super Light Aluminum Lawn Chairs. Status: So Vintage.


We already have a pair of great vintage lawn chairs that we pack up when heading to the Drive In or the park to catch an evening concert but these are just too...well...Cute! There's really no better word. Cute.

I just couldn't resist them. I'm such a sucker for unique vintage lawn and patio furniture. There

was an aluminum lounge chair available at the estate sale as well but it was in the basement

and just too much trouble to bring home. I guess I was just too tired to buy. I was so tired that I

forgot to take pics of all the good stuff that was there. It was a really really good sale. I just

wasn't in a buying mood. That speaks to how hard I fell for these two little folding chairs.


I've got this whole "little Airstream trailer camping next to a high mountain lake fishing for trout

in the 50's" fantasy that these chairs only serve to further along. I think the fantasy is basically

a Hams beer commercial.


The seat and back material is still in pretty good shape but I don't know how much more life it

has in it. I'll probably have to make new ones someday soon. I'll have to keep an eye out for a

small piece (remnant) of plaid like this. When the time comes I'll take the chairs all apart and

refurbish them properly. Until that day they'll remain true and authentic!

with flash to better show the great color


  1. Excellent! I've never quite seen an aluminium chair like those, I'm only familiar with the ones with the webbing straps.

  2. Yep, super cute and they look like new!

  3. my grandparents had a pair with a small table

  4. whoa... I'm in love. New item on my "must have" list!