Monday, June 13, 2011

Huh! As I Was "Picking Up" The Living Room This Afternoon I Found ANOTHER Mystery Box. Status: Christmas Morning?


See...snow flakes! Get it? Christmas morning? Opening a mystery box AND snow flakes? Ha! Clever! No?

Yeah, I had to clean up the living room / lounge as the Grundig Delmonico was being adopted

today. I wanted to limit the embarrassment of others knowing how we really live as much as I

could muster the effort to do. While picking up all the mail and jackets and whatnot I uncovered

this small box. I thought it was empty and was going to toss it in the recycling. Turns out it was

harboring goodies! Forgotten about goodies!



At first I was like, "where did this come from?!" Then it slowly came back. Ah yes, these came

from the Value Village thrift store about a month back. It's not a complete set as there are no

dinner plates but it's a great starter or filler set. I've made it available on craigslist (along with

lots of other great stuff!).


There aren't any maker marks on the back of these pieces except the USA seen above. They

resemble the Star Glow pattern by Royal China but instead of mustard colored stars these

have reflective metallic gold stars. The gold is much more attractive in my humble opinion

although it does seem to be a bit harder to find.



The funny thing is, just yesterday I spotted a large collection of the Star Glow at the St. Vincent

DePaul thrift store on Manchester Road (Ballwin) and had taken a few pics to send to a buddy

of mine who had asked me about a set that I spotted at another thrift store a while back. I had

absolutely no interest in the set so I gave him a call in case he had bought the previous set

and need the pieces to fill out his collection. I hope he got them. While they aren't my cup of

tea, they are still very nice and this was a good set.


  1. me the next time u are picking up stuff around :)

  2. Santa was good to you. Love the design, even the logo is atomic goodness.