Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling Cordial This Evening. I'd Love To Invite Ya All Over For A Drink...But It's A Little Late And I'm Sure You Have To Get Up Early! Status: Ready To Entertain.


These are some of the pieces I picked up over the weekend at one of our local thrift stores. They have a real Dorothy Thorpe vibe going for them. She seems to have had quite an influence on glassware of the '60s and '70s.

Cordial beverages and the related glassware seems to be sorta old fashioned but we keep our

bar stocked with some of our favorites. Tuaca is my current favorite. Not sure if it is technically

a cordial. Neither is Southern Comfort but I like to sip on it like a cordial and it is sweet! Is

Limoncello a cordial? We were talking about getting a bottle of that over the weekend. That

sounds perfect for the hot summer months.


Liqueurs like Southern Comfort are strong enough (at least to me) that I don't really want a

large glass of it. Oh, mixed with something like Lemon Lime soda to make a SoCo Collins...that

fine, but straight...that's a sippin' drink. These size glassware are perfect. I'm so in love with the

chrome fade on the first set. I have a set of the larger roly poly glasses like this. The banded

glasses match the mixing "pitcher". As it was a set, I had to bring it home.


The chrome is in excellent condition on both sets. I love that these have survived this long and

are still in great shape. I wonder how many parties these have been through and how many

stories they could tell...if you know...they weren't inanimate objects. I may have had a large

Sloe Gin Fizz this evening but I'm not drunk and I do know that glassware cannot talk!


I may make these available shortly. I do have too much barware for real. I need to purge some

of it. I'm still smitten with the roly poly and caddie set that I featured a while back so I think I

could live without the roly polys and mixing pitcher here. Any takers?


  1. Hey, Mr. Mod. Awesome blog, that is currently feeding my new obsession with all of these wonderful mid-century items!

    I am currently on the search for four 16" tapered furniture legs. I was told to look for furniture that may be less than stellar and take the legs off. But, I thought I would ask someone who might know, do you have any legs or know where to get some?


  2. Try your local True Value or Ace hardware store. The True Value stores in my area STOCK these type legs! Here's what you're looking for from the True Value website. Don't forget that you'll need either the angle mount or straight mount plate for each leg as well.