Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Vintage Barware Lately. Can One Ever Have Too Much Barware? Yes. Status: Bursting At The Seams!


Perhaps I do have more vintage barware than I could ever need...I don't care! I want it all! OK, not all...but lots and lots of the coolest stuff anyway. Luckily I have a large knotty pine bookcase to keep all these amazing pieces in. But it does get crowded.


This has all come into my care fairly recently. The Ruby Starburst Goblets came home with me from

an estate sale a few weeks ago. Man were they cheap! $2 for all four. Nice! I've seen a set of these

at this antique shop in New Orleans a few times but could never bring myself to pay "retail" for them.

Pays to be a cheapo.


I picked up the Starburst "Ice Bucket" or whatever and the Dorothy Thorpe style wine glasses over

this last weekend at the St. Charles Salvation Army thrift store. I was otherwise (surprisingly)

disappointed at the offerings at the SalvArmy. They usually have really great furniture. Not this time.

Nothing but common stuff. Can't win 'em all. Plus, I can't seem to properly clean the Ice Bucket. It

has some sort of calcium build up that even CLR wouldn't remove this morning. I'll try again, soaking

it down over night or something. Maybe it just needs more time to work. The Thorpe style wine

glasses cleaned up nice. They were a mess too. I was a little surprised that the thrift store put them

out in that condition. Oh well, maybe it kept other people from buying them before me!


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