Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Googie Kitchy Goodness Found At Random Hotel Furniture Liquidation Company. Status: Dumb Luck!


So anybody need a cool retro Boomerang Formica kitchen table? It's not quite a dining table as it's kinda smallish and can't be expanded with leaves or anything. It would look great in a vintage modern kitchen though! Could it be the greatest place ever to eat your morning danish or bagel, drink your cup-o-joe and read that morning paper...or twitter or whatever? Yes.


Just in case ya need to know how "kinda smallish" the table actually is. I need to do this for

everything I sell. I'm always getting asked for the dimensions of this or how big that is. I can't ever

remember asking a seller how big something is. I'd be too afraid it would sell while I was asking!


Oh...oh my...look at that! Awesome! Super awesome boomerang Formica! And it's not all messed

up or stained or chipped or scratched up or anything. Well...the legs could use a new coat of paint

but that is such a tiny thing...but a small hurdle to supreme retro kitchen decor. If we didn't already

have an amazing chrome and red cracked ice Fomica retro kitchen table I'd be keeping this for



I know that the seafoam blue / green boomerang Formica is called Skylark but I don't know what

the this one, with it's pink and gray boomerangs, is called. Any Formica experts out there?



  1. Oh my if only I lived closer, I would take that off your hands. Of course I would also need a place to put it...and that is always the hard part.

  2. I can't believe I finally figured out how to respond to your posts! Guess I needed to be properly inspired. I am the lady you met at the estate sale in Belleville (who bought the toilet seat). I was hoping I hadn't lost all credibility with the "mushroom" sofa that was really a "marshmallow" sofa.
    If you want to sell that table, I have its mate and would love to buy it from you!!

  3. Hotrodhuny - Mushroom sofa! That was pretty funny. Hit me up through one of my craigslist ads and we can talk via e-mail.

  4. I sent an email to you through your Craigslist ad.

  5. it's called white skylark (skylark is the style rather than color)