Monday, September 26, 2011

Got The Big Shoe Horn Out And Pried The Brasilia Score Out Of The Back (And Front Seat!) Of Frank Jr. Status: Stashed In The Garage.


That's a lotta table and chairs! I already had three and added 6 more. Can you believe I got all this (well, less the three extra chairs) and the giant buffet in one trip? Frank Jr. the Focus wagon is AWESOME!!!


Here's the big ass buffet.  Kinda bumped and bruised.  Illuminate (my estate sale cohort) has the

same buffet with an unidentified china top on it. When she got her set and was bringing it into her

home one of the drawers got chipped on the lower right corner.  I stopped by on my way home from

this buy and we traded out my unchipped drawer for her chipped one to make her set nicer.  It was

the least I could do after she helped me score that Brasilia bedroom set.


So now I have 9 chairs, 3 of which are captains / armchairs!  Crazy right?  And have you ever seen

a Brasilia table with all three leaves installed?  It's HUGE, like a conference table.  I didn't have time

to go over each of the chairs but I know one has a good chip taken off of a back leg.  The

upholstery looked rough on all of them.  The table top has some water rings and one corner has

some more serious issues.  I think all of the legs are split were the pieces of wood are glued

together an one has been really poorly glued back together.  I know...rough rough rough.  But still

serviceable!  Worst case scenario, the whole set can be repaired and painted!  And it may come to

that.  Stay tuned.


  1. sweet....waiting to see how they turn out!!

  2. How about leaving some Brasilia for the rest of us :P

    Did Illustrate ever find the surfboard coffee table of her dreams?

  3. OMG!! I just found your blog through Craigslist and I can't wait to go back and read through it. I just started a new blog about my love of 60s and 70s. Come on over sometime.

  4. Nick, not yet.. Still searching for the most perfect surfboard for the den..

    Chris, everyday I go into that dining room I smile at my UN-CHIPPED drawer! I could not be happier about this!! Thanks again.

  5. Oh and don't forget to reserve me two of the chairs! Just lemmie know when to come pick up.