Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's In The Back Of Frank Jr.? Why That Looks Like...Could It Be? More Broyhill Brasilia? Status: Really? REALLY???


I just (I mean JUST) passed the Brasilia Bedroom set to a new owner on Friday morning creating a little room in the garage. I was just kidding yesterday when I said I needed to fill it back up, but then this afternoon I was poking around lazily on craigslist.


Posted in the furniture this late morning was a "Free Table with 4 chairs and Buffet". Turns out it

was a BRASILIA dining set and not 4 chairs but 6!'s rough. But it's got good bones. It was

free..what do you expect. Actually, it was free but I offered and paid the "seller" $50. C'mon...I

couldn't take this for nuthin'. That's just bad karma!


I didn't realize until I got there and measured that the buffet was the LARGE buffet. It's much larger

than my buffet and the bottom of china cabinet (the same as the buffet). It was large enough to give

me pause concerning weather it would fit into Frank Jr. but with a little creative wiggling it slid right in

and the hatch was able to be closed. Sweet.


The only thing I couldn't fit inside Frank Jr. was the table top. It was easily fastened to the roof rack

with a couple of ratchet straps. I love roof racks and ratchet straps. They so save the day so often.

Even though all these pieces have not been treated with kit gloves in the past I still try my best to

keep them from accruing any further damage when I transport them. I always take plenty of packing

blankets and extra cardboard boxes for padding. Tools of the trade. Check back tomorrow for more!


  1. Wow...what luck! Congratulations on a great score!

  2. Oh man. I'm away from Craigslist for one day and look what happens. Good find sir.

  3. Does the Brasilia grow on trees down there or what?!? Great find!

  4. You have got to be kidding me. Does ALL the Brasilia live in Missouri?! And FREE? You're killing me, absolutely killing me. Seriously, score for you and how nice that you gave him $50.

  5. kidding me!! lol..great score :)

  6. Soooo jealous!! If you are selling any I would be totally interested!!