Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program: More Hey/Wake. M 308 G Step End Table. Status: Finish Not Original.


This is a craigslist score from a few years ago. It was snatched up for the tiny sum of $35. It has, unfortunately, been refinished but at least it was done well if not accurately. It does look good and if you're not a freak for originality (is that even the right word?) there's nothing to even fret over.


I've been using this table in the corner of the dining room as a lamp table and a small display area

since we moved in. It works in the space perfectly in it's understated way. While it doesn't look at all

like Brasilia (which it sits right next to) it doesn't clash with it either. It think this is because of the

darker more "woody" finish the table sports. It probably had a blonde finish originally and that might

not have worked so well.


These 308 Gs must have been produced in some serious volume. For only being produced for 5

years, '48 to '53, they seem to be THE ubiquitous Heywood Wakefield living room table. At least

they chose one of the more simple and elegantly modern designs to make so many of! Anybody

else have any Hey/Wake pieces?



  1. Hey Mr. M. Big fan of your blog and of HeyWake. This was the first line of MCM stuff I really got into. We have dining set (table, chairs, buffet, and china cabinet) purchased at an estate sale 4-5 years ago for about $600. Do you know of a definitive HeyWake book? There seems to be a common thread in most of the pieces despite all of the different designers. Maybe it's the finish?

  2. I have a beautiful gate leg dining room table. Look for the paperback book "Heywood-Wakefield Blond" published in 2006. Go to Ebay for over 500 pieces for sale or for new and vintage items.

  3. Anony - I don't know about a definitive book but I've got a pretty good ID / Price Guide that also provides some history of thd company. As for the cohesive look of the modern lines, I just chalk it up to "birds of a feather" and corp. parameters.

    John B - Thanks for the tips. Strictly Hey/Wake looks like a great resource for finding that got to have piece!