Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gosh, I Can't Even Remember Where This All Came From! Musta Been An Antique Mall. Everything Has Those Little Strings Taped To It. Status: More S & P Shakers & Walter Dorwin Teague.


Gosh, that's a lot of Salt And Pepper Shakers! The Girlfriend is threatening to turn into me with the "too many toasters, irons, chairs, mixers, sofas, and so on", but with Salt And Pepper Shakers. But they are pretty cool, huh.

I think we brought all this home from our recent vacation but I'm not certain where exactly each

piece came from. Probably that great antique mall in Memphis. The girlfriend probably knows. They

remember everything. That's how they win all the arguments, right?!


My Girlfriend really knows how to Shake It! Who knew when I started this blog that I'd be snapping

pics of my Girlfriend's Shakers and posting them for everybody to see?!


This, of course, is mine.'s a guy thing. I've had a matching covered sugar bowl for ages.

Its a Walter Dorwin Teague design called Conversation for Taylor, Smith and Taylor. Teague was

one of the forefathers of industrial design. I'm always hoping to find a Teague camera at an antique

mall or flea market.


A while back I snatched up a nice set of Conversation dinner plates and bowls in bright cheery

yellow from the Salvation Army thrift store. Seems I'm building quite a nice collection of Teague

dinnerware. What I'd REALLY like is to build a nice little collection of Teague radios!



  1. lovely...hidden treasures are always fun!!

  2. Sudha - You are so right! I love picking up a plastic bag from the back of the car and finding an item I bought but forgot tobring inside.