Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Guess Life Ain't SO Bad. I Did Manage To Rake In Some More Russel Wright Iroquois Recently. Status: I Know...Like I NEED More Russel Wright.


I hope nobody thought I was pissing and moaning about my weekend the last couple of days.  I had a great weekend.  Well, I napped through a lot of it, but hanging out Saturday morning with like minded crazies was pretty fun and I made some new and interesting acquaintances.


I had picked up one of the Blue Iroquois Dinner Plates at that roadside flea market we stopped at on

vacation. Then a few weeks ago I found three more at the Big Bend Antique Gallery for a very

reasonable price. Theeeennnnn I found a few more tea cups (already had a few) at the Treasure

Aisle Antique Mall
next door! Sweet.


Then...I found a White Creamer and another great piece of that Starburty Glassbake at the South

County Antique Mall
. I thought I needed the creamer but when I got home and paired it up with the

Brown Sugar Bowl I remembered it was cracked. Oops. I need to find another Sugar



I completely forgot that I bought this beautiful Chartreuse Nesting Salt And Pepper set at the estate

sale a few weeks ago that had that strange gondola style sofa
. They are in nearly perfect condition!

The only flaw is that the other cork is broken off inside the body of the other shaker. $4 well spent.


I also already had the saucers. I got TONS of saucers. Saucers were the first pieces of Russel

Wright I ever bought. Now I've got a couple dozen loose ones. Pink, blue, nutmeg...all kinds of

colors. Told ya I was gonna get me a good collection of Russel Wright Iroquois Casual going!


  1. If I had room to store it, I'd have a full set in every color. I love the stuff that much! As it is, I have a china cabinet full, plus a complete service for 8 in both avocado yellow and ripe apricot that I use everyday. It's the most durable china I've ever owned.

  2. How could you NOT buy more when there is more to be bought? You had to do it.

  3. Dana - I know exactly what you mean. I need like four bib china cab!

    DHH - Well, except for that small random set that was at the estate sale a few weeks ago, thankfully the Iroquois a
    I've found has been pretty, yeah! Exactly!