Friday, August 19, 2011

T. F. A. (The Future Antiques) Has A New Location. And As We All Know...It's All About Location Location Location! Status: Sweet New Digs


Be prepared to be overwhelmed with Vintage Modern goodness as soon as you walk through the front (side really) door! The shop seems much larger than the old place on Morgan Ford yet just as packed. The good news is that the large items are more accessible and aren't all stacked on top of each other (yet)!


The new joint is on Chippewa St. (6514 Chippewa, St. Louis Hills, MO 63109) just a few blocks from

the world famous / legendary Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. One thing you'll need to know is that

there is NO ACCESS to the off street parking from Chippewa. You'll have to make your way around

to the alley behind the building to get to the parking lot. It's a pain to get to but it is nice to be able

to park off the street. Read the instructions on the website (link above).


Yup, they still have perhaps the best selection of vintage modern dishware in the St. Louis area. If

you need a certain piece to complete your beloved set they might just have it. If you need a

complete set they'll be able to help you with that too! So many great styles and patterns... ::swoon::


Another great feature of the new building is the oh so much better natural lighting. No more must

you rely on shop lighting to make your decision by. Because the front windows face eastward you'll

get that Golden Hour lighting later in the day coming in through those large panes. This will make it

just that much harder to resist the inherent charms of all these vintage beauties.


There are three basic rooms now. The two "outside" rooms are for furniture, kitchenware and smalls

while the middle room is dedicated to vintage clothing. Got a Mad Men party coming up (or just like

to look hot?), stop by and find the perfect outfit, hat or other accessory!


I suffer from the same problem...too much stuff and I want to be able to see it (and have others see

it) ALL! It did seem a little cramped but they did have everything set up in little vignettes to better

demonstrate how wonderful these pieces might look in your home.


I'm glad I had my camera with me as framing shots keeps me distracted and I don't start shopping! I

had already dropped enough cash that morning at the estate sale. I didn't need anything else! Oh,

and Mr. Modtomic got recognized for the first time ever in public by a reader! I feel so famous. One

time, quite a while back, a reader happened to stop in the lamp shop my big sister works at and the

reader was bringing in a lamp to have re-wired. It was apparently a cool vintage lamp and my sister

mentioned that her brother would love it. Somehow the conversation got around to my blog and

they both realized they knew me! Oh how I felt like Kind Of A Big Deal then!



Oh man, ain't that a great TV? And it works! I've been kicking around mounting a flat panel TV into

a unit like this but haven't pulled the pin on that project yet. The Girlfriend is enjoying my restraint.



Mmmmm...look, Brasilia! Like I need any more Brasilia.  Although...I don't have a commode like the

one sitting on top of that dresser...


  1. How do the prices at TFA compare to, say, Edgewater Antique Mall or Broadway Antique Mall in Chicago? It could be worth the trip down to STL if the prices are much lower! (Plus I'd be able to check out all the other cool places you write about!)

  2. That place is awesome! If we ever make it that far north we will have to stop. I'm drolling over....well...everything.

  3. We really want to get back up there and see the new store. We went to the old one the first of the year (tornado weekend) and really enjoyed their old store. That was our first time. The prices were reasonable before. We bought a few things, and I am pretty cheap!

  4. I occasionally find myself in St. Charles, MO. Next time I'm there this store is at the top of my list of places to visit. Last time I was there I was introduced to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard and Gooey Butter Cake. Man, what a great trip!

  5. TFA is a bit pricey, but they don't sell junk. They are pretty picky about what they put on the floor. It's a great place to find that perfect piece. The prices are probably a bit better than the Chi-town heavies since there isn't as big a market here and buyers expendable resources aren't quite as sizable. Like any business, they price to what the market will bare.

  6. This place is just around the corner from my mid-cent-mod-work-in-progress apartment! I love this store!