Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dishes, Dirt And A Random Roadside Flea Market. Recipe For Vacation Pickin' Success! Status: Little Soap And Water Never Hurt No Dishes!


We were actually trying to find a white water rafting company that could fit us in without a reservation when we stumbled upon this roadside outdoor (mostly) flea market in rural North Carolina called Fosters Flea Market.  Picking or possible Rafting....hmmmm.  The flea market won out.

This pic above pretty much sums up the laid back attitude of this rather huge flea market.

Unfortunately the place got pretty hot pretty quick. The indoor booths tried real hard with fans

and such but it was a loosing battle. I'm glad we had gotten up early (for rafting) and it wasn't

so hot yet. We were done before noon but the place was still going strong unlike the local flea

markets around here.


I found this set of various Russel Wright dishes (mostly Iroquois) at one of the dark, poorly lit,

over stuffed, and DIRTY indoor(ish) booths. I was like, "Cool". A ton of dust and dirt mean the

stuff ain't flyin' off the shelf and the seller is either ready to take a low offer or I'll find out right

away if they are just crazy unreasonable. The seller had a $75 tag on eight pieces of this set. I

offered him $50 for all eleven pieces and he took it. I think we were both pretty happy with that

deal even though I couldn't tell if anything was cracked or damaged through the THICK layer of



Turns out I didn't have to worry. Most everything is in very good shape. No chips anywhere but

there are a few minor areas of discoloration. I now have an obscene amount of random Russel

Wright dinnerware. I'm considering setting up a second china cabinet in the dining room. Too

much? Do I maybe need to just become a better editor? Sigh...I wish.


There was a lot of other interesting items at some of the other booths but I try not to buy

EVERYTHING that catches my eye. I do however try to remember to take a pic of that which

does not make the purchase cut! I would have really loved to pick this set of dishes but some

of the pieces were chipped and really, I highly doubt that I'd be lucky enough to find any more

matching pieces of this at the kind of prices I'd be willing to pay. It's pretty though...ain't it.

Anybody gots any info on this pattern?


Love this Haeger vase! And not just cuz the sticker looks like a Broyhill Brazilia drawer pull. But

that don't hurt none. Why was that symbol used by so many companies? Broyhill used a

version of it for the Brasilia drawer pulls, Herman Miller used it on their labels as a stylized "H"

and obviously Haeger used it the same way.


This pic is for Bopfish and his love of Carlo! Nice piece don't ya think? Great color and

interesting style. It didn't make the cut. Not cuz I didn't like it, I just didn't think it would make it

home in the back of the car with all the other stuff back there.


What DID make the cut was a pair of little danish chairs that cost me only $23! They need lots

of love but they are a timeless Mobler rural North a roadside flea

market...for $23 for the pair. Weird.


  1. The china with the orange lilies is Franciscan Tahoe Masterpiece China from 1950...pretty rare, I think.

  2. The Mobler chairs are super finds! That venetian scene "by" Carlo is cool (in the immortal words of Max Headroom "I'd buy that for a dollar").