Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ok Ok...Enough Of The E. S. B. Today We Look At Some Mixed Barware. Status: Clean And Ready To Refresh.


Some came from the thrift store before Vacation and some came from the roadside flea market. All of it is for the bar.


This little set came from the roadside flea market in North Carolina. It was languishing away under a

film of dirt like everything else. Uuunnnfortunately, once I cleaned them up (today) I noticed that one

has a crack. Dag. I love them but I hate having odd numbers of sets. Oh well, it beats having just

one! Plus, as everybody who has anything cool yet, uhm...delicate knows, you're gonna loose one

or two once in a while to your ham-fisted friends sooner or later. So it'll be a blessing in disguise

when it eventually happens and I'm left with a pair! How about that starburst?! Not too shabby, huh!


Or maybe polka dots is more your thing! There was like four more of these and about ten small

glasses at the thrift store when I bought these. I would have grabbed them all up (yes, I am that

damn greedy!) but I only had a few bucks in cash on me and had other things to do that day. I

wanted so bad to go back for the rest. Ok...maybe it's more like I felt so compelled to go back for

the rest. I know I have a problem (whatever). Oh well...I got these six and I have some others in this

pattern or style. I really don't NEED any more!


  1. I love the starburst glasses...they are screaming for a cocktail. For some reason at our house it is the wineglasses that have a death wish. We started with 6 and now only have 1!

  2. This may sound weird, but I think the starburst glasses would be fun for Halloween. The starburst pattern looks a lot like a spider!

  3. The starburst glasses look like they would go well with a set of Modern Star china

  4. Beccalina - ONE wine glass?! I guess you (like me) have no trouble drinking by yourself! What's your wine of choice? I fell in love with Cali. Char. last summer while on vaca in San Fran. and Napa Valley.

    F H F - I agree! Though I think it looks like spider web without the concentrics.

    bopfish - No doubt, I have a few pieces of that pattern stored away somewhere!