Monday, August 8, 2011

Found A Pair Of Sascha Brastoff Dishes At The Fosters Flea Market As Well. Oh And ANOTHER Set Of S / P Shakers For The Girlfriend. Status: Fosters Was Ripe For Pickin!


Five bucks. Not to shabby, right? Sascha Brastoff designed tidbit plates. I love the finish too. Not to mention they fit nicely with my Tiki sensibilities!

They aren't perfect. They appear to be cracked (upon closer inspection, after clean up. Everything

at that flea market was DIRTY!) on the bottom but it doesn't show at all on top. It might just be a

crack in the finish. ::Shrugg:: Not worried.


I know...another price tag on the bottom. I assure you I paid the $5 asking tag on the top. A lot of

items seemed to have a second tag either on the bottom or peeled off all together. Looks like

perhaps a number of antique shops set up at this flea market to try and cull their stock of what

might not be selling so hot in the shop.


I found my first piece of Brastoff at a thrift store many years ago but don't run across it very often.

I've looked at some of it on eBay but a lot of his designs do not appeal to me. I do like these though.

I had a really cool ashtray but I broke it. I have another cool bowl like ashtray and spotted a very

nice vase in New Orleans at a shop on Magazine (but it was too far out of my price range to even

make an offer!). I'd love to have a nice collection of Brastoff pieces some day. Maybe I need to

scour eBay for it more often. It doesn't really command a high price there.


We found a little set of Salt and Pepper shakers at the same seller. I love the swirly semi opaque

brown plastic. The fact that the Girlfriend collects the cheapest things your likely to find at a flea

market doesn't hurt either! Only thing cheaper I'd guess is the dirt you're walking on!


Another interesting thing about these is the fact that the "print" is reversed! Pat. Pend. and Made In

USA are backward! Weird or just lazy?


  1. could they actually be molds to MAKE S&P's? Kinda sorta looks like they could be, hard to tell in the pics.

  2. Those plates are so cool. I dig the tiki vibe too. Can I ask what you and the girlfriend do with the s&p shakers? Do you display them? I only ask because I've somehow started to accrue a bit of a collection myself and I'm looking for some display inspiration.

  3. Flo - Use the searcn function at the top of the page to find my posting about the S / P display. Search maybe "display salt pepper". That should get you close.

  4. Ah ha! To be honest, I didn't see your search feature because I'm always too busy scrolling down to check out your awesome finds. =) The displays are amazing!

  5. This is The Girlfriend. I just thought I'd chime in on the s/p display question. Last week I found white plastic three tiered shelves at Big Lots. They were super reasonable on the price side and I think they are actually made to be spice racks used in a cabinet, but who cares! They are adjustable width and I think they will fit great in a display cabinet or on a book shelf to display s/p shakers. Some day, Mr. Modtomic might be forced to share his Brazilia china cabinet. . . :)

  6. The Girlfriend! I love your taste in salt and pepper shakers and the displays are fantastic. I'd love to see the new shelves display too! I'd also like to add that you are awesome for supporting Mr. Modtomic and his mid century obsession, we in the blogosphere salute you!

  7. I believe the salt and pepper were part of this tv set: