Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Random Retro Roadtrip Imagery. Signs, Windmills, Marquees, Whatnot. Status: Just Sharin'.


Just one of the many cool vintage roadside signs that still dot the landscape of America's two lane blacktops. This one is in Florence SC on the way to Myrtle Beach.  I fear it won't be there long as the property is for sale.  Gotta shoot these things while we can!

Frank Roadtrip Reflection

Told you these were going to be random! I love getting a shot like this. The driver of the tractor

even gave me the thumbs up as we passed, being well aware of what I was trying to do.

Cave Land Motel - Cave City KY

Cave Land Motel - Cave City KYCave Land Motel - Cave City KY

Cave Land Motel - Cave City KYCave Land Motel - Cave City KY

We didn't stay at any of the other little mom and pop independent Motels in Cave city other than the

Wigwam Village
but I thought they could use a shout out and they have some great vintage

signage. I bet their rooms a bit more "roomy" too! I'd still stay at the Wigwam though. Way cooler if

it's available.

Holiday Motel - Cave City KY
Holiday Motel - Cave City KYHoliday Motel - Cave City KYHoliday Motel - Cave City KY

I wish I could have gotten some evening or night shots of these. I'm not 100% sure that they actually

work but it would pretty cool if they did. These are all just down the street from the Wigwam Village

and are on the way back to the highway or to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Countryside Inn Motel - Cave City KYCountryside Inn Motel - Cave City KY

I bet this used to be a much better sign. It's got great bones. It probably had lots of neon and

blinking bulbs. I'm glad I don't know how to make neon signs...I'd go broke fixing all these pro bono!

7 Gables Motel Restaurant - Burnside, Kentucky7 Gables Motel Restaurant - Burnside, Kentucky

7 Gables Motel Restaurant - Burnside, Kentucky7 Gables Motel Restaurant - Burnside, Kentucky

This place was just along the way in Burnside KY. It had such a great sign and well kept building

that I just had to stop and take some pics. It even had a pool that was open!

Clyde's Restaurant - Waynesville NCClyde's Restaurant - Waynesville NC

This place was nestled in the beautiful Smokey Mountains in Waynesville NC. The billboards along

the road got us in the place but we were disappointed to find that they wouldn't serve us breakfast

at a little after noon. It's a diner. They should be able to make what you ask for. The food was good

but we were really looking forward to breakfast.

Main Street Theater - Conway SC

Main Street Theater - Conway SC

Again, just spotted this while making our way to the coast in Conway SC and I had to stop and get

the camera out! I shot a little bit of video of the lights blinking since it looked so good. The place

looks like it's been lovingly restored.


These giant windmills just fascinate me. We saw a lot of these out west coming back from California

last year. I've seen fields of them from the highway going to Chicago from St. Louis too but I've

never been so close to them while driving by. They are so beautiful and elegant. Very sculptural

and look like kinetic art. I'd love to see more fields of these spring up everywhere.

Frank Roadtrip Reflection

Summer's not really over, get out and put some miles on your car. See America!


  1. I totally enjoyed your random road trip photo's!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I live just a few blocks from that Skyview Drive-In sign that leads off this post, and it was a major bummer for the town when the drive-in burned two years ago. It was way cool, with dual butterfly roofs to park under while car-hops came to take your order.

    I only moved here a few years ago, but everyone in town seemed to have loving memories of spending their youth hanging out at the Skyview, and its loss was much mourned.

    I notice the real estate sign says that the name and signage are for sale with the lot, so everyone's hoping that the buyer will resurrect it.

    And it makes me happy to know that Mr. Modtomic was driving right near my street on his vacation!


  3. Becky - Thanks so much! That's what it's all about!

    Maggie - Shoot, too bad we couldn't have stopped by to say hi! Ever go into that gas station across the street on the corner? They have all these winning scratch off lottery tickets tacked to the check out counter. Almost made me buy a few! I hope an appreciative buyer ends up with that land and uses the sign. A drive in restaurant might not be the biggest money making opportunity in the world but they could find a clever way to continue using the sign.